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A clean air can

The breathing of clean air can contribute to your health and well-being. Learn more about the importance of clean air & our recommendations for improving indoor air quality. Another case is when a character inhales fresh air from a can. The Clean Air Network is an independent NGO that encourages the public to talk about the health effects of air pollution.

Canadian can sell tins of clean air to China.

While Canada may be grappling with low petroleum levels, the recent environment crises in China are turning out to be a profitable window of opportunity for another of its abundant reserves - Rocky Mountain Air. Vitality Air, Alberta, has benefited from the deteriorating air pollution problem in Beijing and has sold aluminium tins of "fresh, clean air and oxygen" from the scenic Rocky Mountains for between $10 and $20 each.

Harrison Wang, Vitality Air's China agent, said to MailOnline that they were almost immediately out of stock after selling the products on China's Taobao e-commerce site. Vitality Air from Alberta is selling this 7.7 liter can of Banff Air for $23 Canada ($16.80). Nor did the corporation shrink from taking advantage of the economic downturn on Twitter soon after the alarm was sounded.

The founders Moses Lam and Troy Paquette told the Canadians that the venture began as a laugh and began with the sale on eBay of their first sealed air pouch for 99 eurocent. This one then bought a second pocket that brought in 168 Canadians ( 122 dollars). Soon after, they took off Vitality Air.

"As the website says, the reality is that we have started to appreciate the clean, clear and fresh flavour of our premium waters. According to Vitality Air, the airline is filling solid doses of air from the Rocky Mountains around Banff and Lake Louise before filling them into retailer jerrycans which are shipped around the world.

"Obviously, the topic of clean air is unbelievably important in highly polluted nations or towns, so it's no big surprise when Vitality Air sells well in the China market," Roberts said.

So why do Beijing residents buy cans from Canada?

An Edmonton duet is marketing its products by the thousand thanks to the recent air pollution problem in China. It is a particularly poor period to rely on your noses, mouths andungs to breathe when you are in Beijing. "The " Red Alarm " struck the Chinese capitol at the beginning of the monthly - the highest alarm since the introduction of the color-coded system in 2013.

Consequently, some occupants take the frantic action of purchasing clean air from a can. Troy Paquette and Moses Lam are having a very good deal of fun trying to sell an unseen part. Following the successful sale of air bubble-bag sealed on eBay (the first for 99 cent, the second for 168 dollars after a tender war), the Vitality Air 2014 pair was formed.

One can costs $14 (before shipping), while a twin can cost up to $43, which is not a goodie. The Chinese Vitality Air distributor told the Telegraph that most clients are wealthy females "who buy or give away tins for their families". She has since been selling 60 doses in two month's time and is turning to gyms hoping to achieve the desired health and prosperity demographics.

The entry of Pasquette and Lama into the air sales market is not entirely new in China. Last year Liang Kegang, an Beijing based painter, bought a glas of air from the South of France for almost 800 dollars. In 2013, Chen Guangbiao, an excentric billionaire, bought air doses of less contaminated parts of China for $0.80 each.

As there is no sign that China is resolving its air problems, more ridiculous ones will certainly come onto the shelves.

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