Air Ticket Prices from Sri Lanka

Flight ticket prices from Sri Lanka

Nasty good offers for your flights to Sri Lanka, that's it! The currency in Colombo is the Sri Lankan Rupee. Below is a chart showing the lowest fares per month for Colombo to Singapore.

Discount flights from Colombo to Singapore

Singapur is located in the middle of the Singapore Isle. Among the areas of the town that are loved by tourists are Chinatown and the Colonial District. Singapore has a number of first rate dining venues and the local transportation system is outstanding, making it simple to get there. Take a trip on the Singapore Flyer, one of the world's biggest viewing bikes, and experience the breathtaking view of the town.

What are Colombo's scheduled air services to Singapore? Colombo's principal international aerodrome is Bandaranaike International Airfield. Here all important flight connections are handled which start and end in the state. He is also known as Colombo International Airfield. From Bandaranaike International Airport, Singapore operates to Changi Singapore International and Changi Singapore. What airline companies offer Colombo to Singapore services?

Japanese Airlines offers a non-stop service between Colombo and Singapore. Air Asia will operate indirectly with a stop in Kuala Lumpur. But there are more than 20 weekly departures from Colombo to Singapore. What's the duration of the plane? From Colombo to Singapore a one-way ticket will take about 3h50.

The duration of indirectly operated services can range from about 8 to 10 hrs or even more, according to carrier and flight itinerary. Singapur is 2 hrs and 30 min before Colombo. Singapore's daytime temperature averages little throughout the year as it is continuously between 29°C and 31°C.

Colombo has a similar climate so that those who travel from one town to another will not see much different. English is the primary Singaporean tongue, but you will also be able to listen to Mandarin, Tamil and Malay. Here the denomination is the Singapore dollar and it is wise to agree on a locally denominated denomination before your stay.

Colombo's rupee is the Sri Lankan rupee. Singapur is a much more open-minded town than Colombo, so some of you will immediately see the differences. To enter Singapore from Colombo, a student may need a visas, so it is advisable to contact the embassy before traveling.

U.S. passport holders do not need a visas to travel to Singapore for either commercial or welfare reasons. Singapore has many sights not to be missed, such as Parliament House, a 200 year old edifice, while Fort Canning is not only an important archeological site, but also a concert venue city.

Singapore's waterfront promenade is also a great place for tourist with many stores, bars, restaurants as well as other tourist sites. Singapur has many parks, art collections, art collections, art collections, art collections, art collections, etc. Singapore has many parks, art collections, art collections, museums and galleries, if you prefer more cultural attractions, such as the National Museum. If you want to go to the beach, we recommend an excursion to the island of Sentosa, where you can also see the underwater world.

Singapore's urban transportation system is highly effective and the metro is the most comfortable way to get around. 48,195,047,545 round trips have been scan and the best flight prices to Singapore have been found. At AirAsia & Malindo we often have the best offers for Singapore travel, or choose your airline of choice below to see the best flight time.

Airfare information was gathered from the Internet for the Colombo to Singapore journey and the estimated airfare for the journey was LKR 38,854. How can I buy low priced Colombo to Singapore airfares? Airline companies can change the prices of Colombo to Singapore ticket depending on the date and hour you are booking your ticket.

We' ve gathered information from all the carriers and found that Tuesdays, Wendesdays and Saturdays are often the best day to make reservations. For more information, please see our articles on the best times to buy airfare. Below is a table of current information on how long you can make reservations in advance for your trip from Colombo to Singapore.

A total of 57,595,778,181 route researches that we have seen for departure in the next 90 working days have been carried out and we have found that the best date for Colombo to Singapore is Thursday. In the following table you will find a price comparison for other dates of the month. Cheap flight deals are possible in most cases if you buy between one and three month in advance. Buy a flight between one and three month in advance. Your flight will be cheaper.

You may need to purchase additional tickets in advance to make your trip abroad or on vacation. Below is a graph showing the lowest fares per months for Colombo to Singapore. Are you looking for low -cost last minutes or weekends? We have put together a selection of week-end offers for you to fly from Colombo to Singapore.

Below the graph shows the best last minute offers and inexpensive tickets this week-end that we could find. Travelling between some towns can be significantly less expensive if you opt for a multi-stop ticket. Even though these connections do not provide comfort, travellers are saving an estimated 20%-60% on travel when choosing a multi-stop compared to a one-way one.

LKR45,495 is the median fare for connections from Colombo to Singapore. Mean fare for Colombo to Singapore is LKR47,322 for non-stop services. Below is a table showing current information on non-stop Colombo to Singapore services. Often we have noticed that there is no change in prices between the purchase of a sightseeing tour and a one-way one.

Greater versatility is the key advantage when purchasing a one-way ticket from Colombo to Singapore. Reserving a sightseeing tour can, however, be a much easier procedure. Comparing outbound and return trips with our comparative offers. One way fare from Colombo to Singapore averages LKR 25,239.

Mean fare for sightseeing Colombo-Singapore services is LKR 43,669. In the following you will find some frequently asked question about this route: What is the duration of the Colombo to Singapore connection? From Colombo to Singapore the airport has an approximate flying distance of 4 hrs and 4 mins. Is Singapore far from Colombo?

Colombo is 2,745 kilometres (1,706 miles) from Singapore. What is the frequency of Colombo to Singapore flight? We have 36 non-stop connections from Colombo to Singapore. Which are Colombo's most favourite carriers for non-stop Colombo to Singapore services? Sri Lankan Air Lines takes over 50% of the non-stop services between Colombo and Singapore.

Which are the most favourite connection towns on the way from Colombo to Singapore? You wonder which carriers operate from Colombo to Singapore? We have calculated the avarage fare of the Colombo carriers with Singapore flight. Various carriers provide different comforts and services, so you should consider your choice of carrier for your comforts.

In the following you will find the complete timetable overview which shows on which day of the month the airlines are offering services for the next 30 calendar nights. They are the main passenger terminals we currently monitor in Colombo and Singapore. When your routing involves a multi-interport city, you may be able to make significant cost reductions by selecting an alternative one.

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