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Price calculator for taxi and airport transfers and online booking. Taxis & Airport Transfer Services. There should be a large, distinctive taxi company logo and phone number. Have you ever wondered what the real cost of renting an airport taxi in Europe is?


Martin's goal is to offer convenient, all-inclusive transfer between different towns in Europe. Among the most beloved are one-way transfer services from/to Prague, Berlin, Vienna, Munich, Passau, Vilshofen, Regensburg, Nuremberg, Budapest, Krakow, Warsaw and Dresden. He also provides a taxi from Prague International Airports to the centre of the town. Visiting sights are very appealing for travellers who want to see the most during their trip.

Excursions are offered as daily excursions from Prague or as so-called round rides between the towns, e.g: Praha to Cesky Krumlov to Passau, Prague to Terezin to Dresden, Prague to Auschwitz to Krakow, Prague to Bratislava to Budapest etc. The HFS s. r. o. was established in 1993 as an outdoor tourist office.

We have been offering convenient transfer and taxi services between European towns since 2000. Our head office is in Prague, but we organise transport within the whole European Union. The name of the bankaccount / recipient's name: HFS s. r. o. The name of the bank:

Best taxi apps by city

Over has long been a London favourite. Uber is still the most preferred way to get around for now, but here are some of the best options if you are after the thrill of the taxi. MiTaxi is Europe's "most beloved taxi app" with 100,000 taxi riders in over 50 towns and cities. Just click on the taxi icon below.

As Ubers service is impaired, MyTaxi has established itself in London with over 17,000 taxis. These apps offer you the infamous Cape Verde adventure at the right prices. There is the possibility to pre-book, all riders are licenced and you can even save your favourite riders. At the other hand, the application is somewhat unwieldy, the "time to take a taxi" that is displayed before you make a booking, you can't trust and it's not unusual for a driver to call you off.

The Addison Lee is a premier rental service with fully certified chauffeurs and a choice of cars to rent. The Addison Lee service is enhanced and dependable and is normally reserved for longer journeys, such as excursions to the London International Airports or events when jumping through London during your journey. The Gett is a great looking caab application that provides a flat rate without Uber's minimal and surround rates.

Contrary to MyTaxi, Gett is the only other taxi application available in other British towns outside of London (25 towns to be exact). It is clearly arranged and provides a modern usability environment. It seems to be more difficult to make a trip with Gett during peak hours than with Uber and other applications that allow surf-rate.

About is still a favorite choice in the town, but it is not perfect for transfers from the airports as there are no set rates. In Paris, however, there is a whole range of alternatives, from locally "super-like" apartments for personal chauffeurs to exclusive shopping centers, taxi apartments and more. The G7 was the initial (and only) taxi reservation application in the Paris scenes.

It has the world' s widest taxi pool with 8,000 riders as well as pre-booking and personalisation facilities (like English-speaking riders). Although the application itself is not poor, the main disadvantage is the driving environment. Compared to applications like Uber with rider evaluation and stringent QC, the G7 does not quite provide all of the riding qualities.

It' a privately owned transport service in Paris that offers the municipality an alternate to taxi and privately owned vehicles (such as Uber). It' s a great application and the driving excitement is amazing, featuring flat rates, high-end automobiles, entertaining iPhone's and 5 minutes of waiting time. Privé is the Bombardier's competition for the rental of Uber vehicles (recently taken over by Daimler).

With over 18,000 riders and 2 million clients, it is as loved as Uber. Uber offers a user-friendly application and a better driving environment than Uber. Our chauffeurs are professionals, our vehicles are great and you can select your preferred vehicle model. There are not many taxi application choices on the Barcelona menu.

There is no optional in the Catalan capitol, which means that the favorite choise was always my taxi. Therefore, we suggest that you go to the regional level. Established in 2011 in Barcelona itself, Cabify is already a fierce competitor in the Barcelona market thanks to its fully licenced jet range of cars, its roomy and neat cars and the many ways you can customize your trip.

Whilst the application styling has been enhanced, the driving is the best you could get in Europe without any problems! Converting your cab to a convertible is a great way to make sure you get the most out of your time. Always on time, dependable, warm and logged, they always provide you with a tank of fresh air and free Wi-Fi - a completely different service at the same or less cost.

There is a powerful grassroots taxi driver advocacy group that has managed to keep away such people as Uber. The majority of cabs still work through good old locals, so there are not many favorite taxi hairing applications, but here are some options: Founded by a number of taxi federations in Germany, Taxi EU claimed to be associated with 160,000 cabs in 9 different counties, but the app's interface is clumsy and not very user-friendly.

For this reason, the service is simply not sufficiently dependable to be your go-to taxi application in Berlin. The MyTaxi is Europe's biggest taxi tailing application and works well in London, Barcelona and many other major destinations, which is proving useful. Service is available at high availability, the driving enjoyment is good and you can evaluate your riders.

It is beautifully landscaped and features pre-orders, favourite driver, luxury car, pet-friendly car and multi-seater. So, the application might be more dependable, but it has a great deal to offer and if you travel in Europe, you should have it on your mobile on. That' s how you have it, your all-in-one taxi application tour to surf Europe smoothly.

If you are travelling through new destinations in Europe, you can be sure that this tour leader will take you from the airports, to your meetings, to after-work refreshments without stress and surprise.

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