Jets under 1 million

Jet less than 1 million

multi-million-duck jets $1 million worth of personal jets? If you consider that a Gulfstream G6 costs 65 million US Dollar, you can see why it could be hard to make a 1 million US Dollar privat plane. I was one of the lawyers who represented Safire Aircraft in the early 2000s. Together with several other manufacturers, they tried to launch a $1 million US dollar personal aircraft on the US commercial aircraft scene.

This has long been regarded as the sacred grain of privately piloted jets. Proven but never reached, a privately owned plane at this cost would mean that those who routinely flew first grade would now consider having a privately owned plane as an option. Unfortunately, Safire ran out of cash before they could reach their destination, and no one was able to construct a $1 million personal plane.

But there are 3 producers that produce cheap very lightweight jets near this quantity. Initially, the Eclipse 500 was enthusiastically heralded as a six-seat private jets plane costing less than a million US dollars. Made by Eclipse Aviation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, shipments began in 2006 and the cost quickly increased to over $2 million.

Some 206 planes were shipped when the airline stopped manufacturing in 2008. It is currently planned to resume delivery this year with the upgraded Eclipse 550, which will cost just under $3 million, making the Eclipse still the cheapest price on the low weight jets out there.

The four occupant cruise ranges 1,125 nm, the Max Altitude 41,000 feet, the Cruise Fuel Flow 59 grams and the Max Cruise Velocity 375 ktas/430 mm. Citation Mustang is a twin-jet aircraft produced by the Cessna Aircraft Company in Independence Kansas. The price is $3.29 million, with six seated passengers with four seated passengers and two seated passengers in the flight deck (designed for single-pilot operation) and a bathroom.

This was the first very lightweight aircraft to be fully FAA certificated, received its certification in September 2006 and sold all other very lightweight jets. With five passengers, the cruising distance is 1,155 nm, the maximum height is 41,000 feet, the fuel flow is 100 g/ph and the maximum cruising speed is 340 ktas/391 km/h. The maximum cruising speed is 340 km/h.

Phenom 100 is currently valued at $4.4 million, with eight seater beds with six passengers and twin seater beds in the dashboard (designed for one pilots operation) and a rigid doorside cloakroom. With seven passengers, the cruising distance is 1,178 nm, the maximum height is 41,000 feet, the fuel flow is 77 g/ph and the maximum cruising cruising speed is 390 ktas/449 km/h. The maximum fuel flow is 77 km/h and the maximum cruising distance is 1,240 km.

A number of other vendors that you may want to track in this class of prices have already indicated that they have planned to supply cheap jets in the near-term. This includes the single-engine seven-seater Jet Cirrus Vision SF50 with an expected cost of approximately $2 million and the eight-seater twin-jet Honda HA-420 HondaJet with an expected cost of approximately $4.5 million.

As the Safire, no producer seems to be able to supply the $1 million US dollar in the near future. But as the cost of privately owned jets decreases and the annoyance of business aviation increases, it is more appealing than ever to become the owners of a privately owned one.

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