First Business Jet

The first business jet

In the dwindling years of the Second World War, the first jet fighters were introduced. Business Jet Story In the dwindling years of the Second World war the first jet fighters were introduced. Although the picture is that Germany was the first country to create it, the UK engineer Frank Whittle already had a jet aircraft design in the mid-1930s. At the end of the conflict, however, merchant carriers quickly realised the value of these quicker aircraft.

Fewer hours in the sky means less jetlag, less hassle from jet engines and winds, and more floor space to do business. These destinations were first reached for business travellers in the mid-1960s. In addition to the deployment of jet aircraft by large civil carriers - the Boeing 727 and its later co-usins - a smelting plant with smaller aircraft developed mainly for ultra-rich clients increased.

Learjet, Lockheed JetStar and the Gulfs tream II were the ultimative expression of these former designs. Bill Gates of his age - only his cash came from petrol and not from computer - he was the first person to break the $1 billion barrier. The GII of Gulfstream had room for twelve people and the interior was as stylish as the rooms of the most stylish long distance driving hotel with power engines.

By 1985 the GIV had a weight of 33,900 kg (74,600 lbs) and a cruising distance of 4,200 sea-mile, and many other useful conveniences found their place in business aircraft early on. Lots came to have shared meeting rooms, berths and other functions suitable for round-the-clock business and around the globe.

When you want to design business strategy at 30,000 ft. altitude, you need the appropriate toolbox. With the turn of the millenium, the business jet business developed. Bigger aircraft have been constructed to meet the needs of those requiring worldwide voyages, and smaller aircraft have been developed with lower manufacturing and operational cost.

Not too many years will pass before small groups of ordinary entrepreneurs can build up broken property to have a jet available for business or even a good holiday.

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