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Hello and welcome to Corporate Aircraft Charter. Explore Executive-Jet Aircraft Travel.Domestic Air Charter and International Jet Charter to hot destinations. Planes King Air, Gulfstream, Falcon and Lear.

Corporates Aircraft Charter - Welcome

CAC is a fully fledged fully fledged Australia based corporate aircraft charter with a significant footprint in Adelaide, South Australia and Karratha, Western Australia, which can be active nationally and globally. Commonwealth is one of Australia's leading suppliers of turn-key aircraft charter, aeromedical, aircraft maintenance and modifications solutions, providing air transport and ambulance/aircraft maintenance and engineering as well as fully integrated aircraft modifications for a wide range of clients across Australia, among them the commercial industry, the Commonwealth and the Federal Government.

The CAC is an enterprise certificated according to DIN EN EN EN 9001:2008 and works according to rugged norms for safety and quality management systems.

Privatjet charter & management of business jets

EFI is Federal aviation administration approved to ensure smooth charter transport on our business aircraft around the world. Professional jets charter teams offer a wide range of professional aircraft charter solutions that enable any business or individuals to take advantage of the countless advantages of corporate and private aircraft.

Our headquarters are located at New York's MacArthur Airport (ISP), White Plains Airport (HPN) and Teterboro, NJ (TEB) - our privately owned or corporate charter aircraft are available 24 hours a night, 7 days a week, all year round. Leveraging the capabilities of EFI's aircraft charter services to deliver smooth business aircraft chartering for you.

Our corporate customers are interested in corporate aircraft and aircraft fleet managers as a kind of minimizer of risk. Impressive customers select our privately chartered aircraft to make sure they get there on schedule and in the best possible form, both physically and mentally. Occupied company managers cannot allow themselves to reach a crucial boarding point too late or have to depart early to make a scheduled outing.

Nobody can allow themselves to be lazy because of the harshness of business trips. We know that the costs of failing are far greater than the costs of chartering a plane. We have a broad range of business aircraft charter and executive programmes as varied as our valued, trusted customer base. We have the right aircraft for your charter flights.

Offering tailor-made, uninterrupted corporate tour packages tailored to your needs. We are also an aircraft operator who can help you administer your aircraft when you need help in this complicated area. By chartering a privately owned aircraft aboard one of our new Gulfstreams, Falcons, Sovereigns, Citation or Learjets you can discover the vastness of the world - and not where tourist go.

These are just a few suggestions of what the outside has to offer to surprise you (most of them can only be accessed by chartering a privately owned aircraft, as we can take you to much smaller destinations - much nearer to your desired goal! Rigour of face-to-face or commercial travelling with regular airline companies has prompted many commercial travellers to resort to the comfort and versatility of corporate aircraft charter.

Executive Fliteways has been providing its business and pleasure customers with a high-quality, personalised and smooth experience since 1981. Immediate travel planning and pricing information is available with a phone call, e-mail or enquiry from our expert charter distribution staff, who can also organise hotel, floor transport and in-flight meals if needed.

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