Apollo Jets

apollo jets

The Apollo Jets, New York, New York, New York. Refreshing new approach to luxury private jet charter services www.apollojets.com. Latest tweets from Apollo Jets (@apollojets).

The Apollo Jets LLC offers air transport services. It offers private jets, personal charter, aviation insurance and business aircraft services.

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The Apollo Jets (

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Apollo Jets

Offers a new paradigm for luxurious personal aircraft charters. Established in 2008 by an Elite Group of privately-held aerospace professionals with a common goal - to change the privately-owned aircraft charters sector by concentrating on the individual needs of each customer. Apollo Jets has since its inception become one of the biggest and most reputable yacht brokerage companies in the United States.

At Apollo, we maintain close relations with the best carriers around the globe. The Apollo professionals, with our comprehensive operator base and wide range of privately owned jets of all sizes and types, at home and abroad, are committed to finding and arranging the most economical and best tailored plane for our clients.

The Apollo Jets are committed to delivering a luxurious personal flying environment built on outstanding security and outstanding client service. Apollo Jets requires neither an advance payment nor a long-term obligation. With our "non-binding" way of establishing a long-term partnership, you have the liberty to go if we ever don't meet your expectation.

It is up to us to win your loyality and confidence on every journey. With pride, we take up this opportunity and look forward to working with each and every Apollo Jets customer. Former aerospace activities with Apollo Jets: We' ve got over 19 air travel classes to which we belong: Bookkeeping, administrative, avionics, dispatchers, engineers, executives, finances, air traffic controllers, interiors, fixtures and fittings, scheduled services, servicing, managements, paint, pilots, helicopters, distribution, editors, cabin manning.

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