Alaska Air Flight 6

Air Alaska Flight 6

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Teenager with Down syndrome started the flight from Alaska Airlines after nausea.

She says her Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle this past Monday brought her whole hostage in boots because her adolescent bro with Down was vomiting a small amount. A teenager had just capsized flight 779 in St. Louis on Monday after an Easter getaway when flight stewards asked him and his parent to leave the plane, Meaghan Hess, a third-year lawyer and staff member of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, said in a letter.

"Patrick vomited a little after getting on the plane and the staff of the airlines thrown my whole familiy off the plane," said Hess, who was not with her whole familiy at the airport. Hess said that the airlines book the trip the next day on a flight, but did not make an option to buy accommodation.

Exactly one negotiator explained to her ancestor that the unit should person been boosted for the 6 a.m. journey, but that Alaska Airlines is distribution a politeness, reported to him. For almost eleven an hour, the airlines let her stay at the airports because they knew that my wife and daughter had nowhere to stay," said heess.

The Alaska Airlines speaker Ann Johnson later said the adolescent presented a potential hazard to human health. Alaska Airlines said that the adolescent had been a victim of the accident. "She said the familiy could not take off on their initial flight because the family's kid was obviously ill. According to the carrier, they are investigating how the case was dealt with and have contacted the families to better comprehend what occurred.

Hess said the three were finally rearmed to first grade, where the participants provided their brothers with "a dustbin " for their journey home to Washington. He was not happy with the airline's reply. "All I can do is think whether a non-disabled kid who vomited would have thrown this flight crew off the plane," she said.

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