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Well, I was the better option for me not to lose my travel money. is the first international travel marketplace where people can post their unwanted and non-refundable travel to a community of buyers looking for last-minute deals.

With the new "eBay for travel" you can buy undesirable holiday days from humans.

One man stranded with an undesirable Dubai deluxe vacation valued at tens of thousand lbs after the separation with his spouse has created an on-line marketing place where travelers affected by sickness, injury or broken relationships can try to resell their non-refundable air planes, cruise ships or hotels. He was able to reclaim some cash on his flight, but 3,000 lbs of rooms were lost.

Studies of the website have shown that around 220,000 hotel rooms are squandered every single day in the USA, while 37 percent of vacationers had to make a stop. The EU negotiable cost reductions for packages cover a 21% discount on a 10 night holiday in Tenerife for two people.

Whilst the motivator behind the website is to help those stranded with undesirable travel, Powell says it is a buyer's store. "There' s a buy-it-now rate, but there's a system where you can make an offering because it's a buyer' s mark-up. However, we want to help those who are confronted with non-refundable travel.

In this case, transfer trips amount to 15 percent of the sales pric. Should travelers find themselves feeling the guilt behind many of these good deals because they take full advantage of the heartache stories?

Brand-new travel page Transfer Travel allows you to buy someone else's holiday.

Would you like a great holiday without having to plan? Like eBay for holidays, Transfer Travel allows you to buy pre-booked travel and accommodation from someone else that you no longer need. After an unscheduled separation from his spouse, Simon Powell started Transfer Travel with his own fully booked journey to Dubai.

This was the lady at Powell's reception at the motel who came up with the suggestion when she asked if he could find someone to take his room and repay him. Like eBay, vendors can bill their ticket or room at full costs (the Buy It Now price), but there is also room to make a business as shoppers can make lower deals.

Every extra fee, such as the costs for the name change for a reservation, will be charged to the vendor. Transfers Travel will confirm each reservation to make sure it is a real one. In order to safeguard the buyer, the website is also waiting to pass the funds on to the vendors until the reservation is used. Conversely, if you have ever had to give up this excursion because of ill children, this can help make sure you don't loose your holiday and your pocket.

A study by Transfer Travel found that disease is the main cause why holidays are cancelled and around 220,000 hotels in the United States remain vacant every year. Currently you will find around 1,000 open offers under Transfer Travel.

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