Flight Booking to Sri Lanka

Booking a flight to Sri Lanka

Booking the cheapest AirAsia flights to Sri Lanka. Explore the best deals on flights to Sri Lanka. Booking the cheapest AirAsia flights to Sri Lanka. Explore the best deals on flights to Sri Lanka.

Booking a flight to Sri Lanka

Journey to one of the most stunning island in the globe when booking a flight to Sri Lanka. Ranging from sparkling sandy shores to luxuriant slopes, from enchanting terraces to delicious food, the land offers everything a vacation could ever hope for. All our services start from destinations all over the globe, where both Economy and Business Class are available.

In addition to our legacy teller service, we have also introduced on-line check-in at more than 50 airports to enhance your check-in experiences. We have also created a global inspiring meal so you can get a glimpse of the whole universe on your way to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka's shores, surrounded by the aqua marine seas of the Indian Ocean, are as near to paradise as possible.

Wherever you are on the islands, you are never too far away from gold sandy beaches. Jump on the gold paths of Uda Walawe National Park and enjoy one of the best safari jeeps in Sri Lanka. Explore grassland and scrubland to see elephant, leopard, wildfowl and stag in their native habitats.

Sigiriya, also known as the 8th wonder of the earth, is Sri Lanka's lion rock and the most breathtaking UNESCO monument. Prepare to be enchanted as soon as you enter Sri Lanka Isle. It is a dreaming goal in the Indian Ocean that sets much of its humble limits and manages to inflame all the human sense.

Try fireworks curry, smell the smell of newly barbecued freshly caught seafood, see giant Buddhas leaning back and hear the sound of the beautiful oceans. The 2,000 year long Sri Lankan heritage means that there is a civilization to explore in every corner of the Isle. Leaving the coastline behind you, drive a few long miles due west to explore the centre of the isle.

Polonnaruwa, home to the country's most beautiful Sinhala arts collections, and the Dambulla magic cave temple, a repository of Buddhist sculptures, tombs and mural paintings. There would be no journey to the center of Sri Lanka without a stop at the neighboring Kandy. In the southeastern part of Sri Lanka wait gold sandy beaches.

The Tangalle represents the paradise of the islands, where broad sand shores meet water with sapphires and are covered with palm groves. Farther up the coastline is Arugam Bay, the best place to follow the breakers in Sri Lanka. For a quieter experience, get on a Kalpitiya cruise and cruise the iridescent Indian Ocean to see bluewhales and dolphin beans.

However, Sri Lanka's innate charm does not begin and end at the coast. Travel through luxuriant teas, discover ascending peaks and stop in the enchanting rural town of Ella for unbelievable hikes, magic cascades and mystic Temples. The rice and draw cheese are the main stay of Sri Lankan cooking, with a number of tastes inspired by the Indians, Arabs, Malay, Portugese, Netherlands and English who once governed the area.

Sri Lanka has an excellent selection of restaurants that will not let you down, from spicy chocolate curry to delicious prawn buffers. You may need a Sri Lankan entry visas according to where you are coming from. When you are in Sri Lanka, use the Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR). Singhalese and Tamil are the main Sri Lankan tongues, although English is also widely used.

The monsoon period may vary depending on the area. From May to September the rains reach the southwest of Sri Lanka, while the northeast between October and January sees rainy conditions. Arriving in Sri Lanka you will find that there are many ways to explore the state. You can either take a flight to Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (HRI), just 15 km from Hambantota, or fly to Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB), 35 minutes from the center of the city.

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