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Here you will find company research, competitive information, contact details & financial data for AIR CHARTER SERVICE LIMITED. Our range includes helicopter, airliner, cargo and private jet charter solutions. Dragon Well International Co LTD / ProMarine Yacht Sales. Here are some ideas for taking a look at Air Charter Services.

? Air Charter Services, Orchestras, Tour Operators, Groups & Privatjets

Prepared and willing to organize privately operated jets or business jets to meet your passengers' needs and your itineraries. If you use our service, you will be under our supervision and we will look after you with the greatest diligence and professionality. Thanks to our comprehensive understanding of airplanes and aerodromes, we know the best planes we can use, the best airfields - at the best prices.

Our special air transportation service saves your customers, musician, conductor or executive from the inconvenience of delay and queuing during normal airfare. In addition, you have the added advantage that large airplane reservations help saving cash through quicker journey time, less hotel stay and an airplane fare instead of having to buy more than one ticket with different airlines.

Worldwide we are leaders in Logistics Partnering.

The members should make sure that they are working in an agency registered in a WCA-community. Agencies that are NOT registered are NOT covered by the Gold Medallion Financial Protection Plan. Click on the networking icon to see the WCA Gold Medallion Financial Protection Program, company profile and contacts for each area.

ACS is a purely international Air Charter Service Plc (ACS) which is able to provide special purpose aircrafts for any requirements such as small load, large and bulky freight, hazardous goods, emergency relief and go-now situation. Established in 1990, ACS has continuously expanded and developed into the world leading company.

Today, with over 26 years of expertise, ACS manages more than 10,000 complete annual charter agreements and provides unprecedented on-site service on a worldwide basis, 24x7. ACS is not only able to procure planes for a specific cargo, but is also an authority on organising charter agreements in remote places and enemy surroundings that many regular airline companies are unable and unwilling to access.

At ACS we have the know-how and experience to find the right plane at the right cost, using our sector relationships and understanding of your area. At ACS, we have a worldwide office and office structure with full staff in Almaty, Beijing, Dubai, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hong Kong, Houston, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Sao Paulo, St. Petersburg, Sydney and Toronto.

The ACS also provides an on-board messenger service that provides a fast, safe and traceable means of transport in time-critical circumstances. ACS' Messenger Service provides visa from around the globe, enabling them to depart at short notice to ensure that even the most tight schedules are adhered to.

Millbank House, 171-185 Ewell Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 Corp. Telephone number for emergency: members only - please register... for information. E-Mail: For members only - please log in... to receive information. For e-mail members only - please log in... to see information. For e-mail members only - please log in... to see information.

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