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Explore alternatives, similar and similar products to airfly that everyone is talking about. You can use your AirPods or wire-free earphones with any corded earphone socket. You can use your AirPods or wire-free earphones with any corded earphone socket. Want to be able to watch onboard TV with your AirPods? Would you like to enjoy the TV sound of the car stereo with your cordless earphones?

AirFly - a miniature unit that combines cordless earphones with corded stereo connections in airplanes, gyms, and wherever corded earphones were needed.

Simply connect your AirFly cordless earphones, insert them into the earphone socket and you're there. The AirFly remains recharged for eight long hours and contains a rechargeable battery charger and a carry bag. Awarded as one of the best on-board accessory by The Independent! The AirFly raises your hearing to first-class quality. Once the video starts on your next long trip, insert AirFly into the earphone socket of your headset and watch the video with your AirPods.

The AirFly uses Bluetooth to pair your cordless earphones or earphones with in-flight audio devices. You no longer have to lug around with your corded earphones or settle for these weak airlines wares. Operates with the cordless earphones, earphones or AirPods you already own. The AirFly was developed for AirPods, but works with all types of cordless earphones and earphones.

Insert AirFly into a pairing socket, push the "pair" key on the front of AirFly, then push the "pair" key on your cordless earphones. Then AirFly connects to your Bluetooth cordless earphones. Simply so you are with the Inflight Entertainments System in an aircraft or the television sets in your fitness studio united.

Get AirFly into your gym routines. What's wrestling with corded earphones for when you're walking on a conveyor belt? Connect ing to the earphone socket on your belt conveyor, elliptical trainer and fixed bike, AirFly lets you use your AirPods, PowerBeats or other cordless earphones to hear gym TV. The AirFly is so simple to use.

Simply connect, put on your favourite earphones and you're done. When I' m flying I look at films on my iPad, why do I need AirFly? While we also enjoy seeing TV and films on our iPad, many onboard TVs offer TV, messaging and sport with DIRECTV on JetBlue and Dish Network on Delta.

With AirFly, you can easily use your favourite *wireless* earphones - while you enjoy these features during the ride. Can I use AirFly with Nintendo Switch, will it work? But you don't have to take our words at their word for it - you can find out what the Gear Patrol staff has to say about using AirFly with game console.

Please keep in mind that AirFly is not a two-way radio, so you will be able to listen to sound from the match, but you will not be able to use the instant messaging feature. Tip: If you don't want AirFly dangling at the end of your AirFly switches, just put a small hook and loop fastener on the back of AirFly and AirFly switches and it stays in place throughout the match.

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