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limousine airline

Sugar Hill, Georgia: After Ithaca - Ithaca NY Except as previously arranged and approved by us, these stations are intended only for travel to Hancock International Airport in Syracuse or Amtrak/Bus Station and University Hospital in Syracuse. To plan your journey to Ithaca from the above stations, we need a 24-hour-booking. Journey # 2-10:30 a.m. Journey # 3-1:00 p.

m. Journey # 4-3:30 p.m. Journey # 5-17:30 p.m. Journey # 7-10:00 p.m. Departure times are rigorously observed with the exception of:

The journey time between Syracuse and Ithaca is about 1.25 to 1.5 hour according to wheather and transport. The new charges will be $90.00 One Way and $140.00 Round trip. Except as previously arranged and approved by us, these stations are intended only for travel from Hancock International Airport in Syracuse, Amtrak Railway Terminal in Syracuse, or University Hospital.

Ithaca offers door-to-door services for our Ithaca pickups and drops offs. Ithaca College pupils, unless you are on the terraces, collect your dormitory. Syracuse Airport drop-off and pickup is located outside Terminal B, which is located in the Delta/United Baggage Claim Area. For your travelling needs in Ithaca please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

limousine airline

Since 1936 Airline Limousine has been the first choise for companies in Ontario. More than 70 years of industry expertise means we are proud to offer our customers the best possible service from and to Toronto Pearson International Airports. Acknowledged as the "Original Limousine Company", we have become Canada's biggest airline providing secure, convenient and accommodating travel to and from the airports.

No matter whether you need a pick-up or return transport, we make sure that adhering to the timetable is a top-priority to ensure that the transport to and from Toronto Pearson is the least of your concerns. That is our obligation when selecting the Airline Limousine for your transport needs. The Airline Limousine is a Canadian based business and we make sure that our customers are always our first concern!

Our services are first-rate, and we travel to and from Toronto Pearson, a world-class city.

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