Learjet Wichita Ks

Learjet Wichita Ks

Learjet is a leading company in the search for motivated employees. She has fallen in hard times, just like the rest of the aviation industry in Wichita. Full contact information for Learjet Inc., phone number and all products for this location. Find reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Learjet Inc.

locations in Wichita, KS.

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The Learjet is a wholly owned affiliate of one of the world's premier transport operators, Bombardier. The Learjet is the world's largest and most modern transport system. It develops, produces and distributes corporate and merchant airliners, railcrafts and other railway transport equipments and subsystems. They operate Bombardier Aerospace, a producer of civilian aeroplanes. Bombardier Aerospace distributes Learjet, Challenger and Global brand aerospace solutions.

Furthermore, it provides parts and service, education and engineering assistance. Furthermore, the company administers transportation, which provides rolling stock and trucks, as well as pool servicing, preparation and modernisation, and materials handling.

Returning to the Learjet Wichita Campus in 2013 is a clear sign of our company's growth.

Until 2013 I had been to the Learjet Centre in Wichita only once in the last 18 years. My only exemption was in 2007-2008 when I was acting as Interims Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition (GWEDC). I headed a small group of government and industry executives who asked the top managers of each of the Community's five large space corporations to find out how GWEDC could help them realize their planned expansion projects for the futures that were all under consideration at the onset.

It turned out that the time was not the best, as the imminent recession soon led everyone to assert themselves and not speed up the pace of expansion. However, 2013 marked the fiftieth birthday of the first Learjet ever to fly on 7 October 1963. Bombardier Learjet made a big thing out of that landmark.

" I was amazed at the increase in the Learjet campsite's equipment. Whereas the My Time compound comprised four Butler-type premises arranged in a row next to a taxiway with a dedicated maintenance centre (opposite), this was a whole new set of well lit and fitted production, test and maintenance facility.

In addition to focusing on the Learjet line, the system also acts as a test centre for all Bombardier airplanes manufactured in Canada. I have found that the Wichita Bombardier Test Centre has since 1995 sponsored 26 design and test certifications covering 15,000 test runs. During the 55 years in Wichita, Learjet had four owners:

The Gates Rubber Company, Integrated Resources (a risk equity group) and Bombardier. We undercapitalised the first three to accomplish what needed to be done to allocate both R&D funding for R&D products and liquid funds to keep the organisation going through difficult times. I am conscious that there are rumours that Bombardier may be in the mood to offer Learjet for purchase.

But from what I saw on two fairly brief trips to Learjet in Wichita - involving participation in a June 2017 A3000 Learjet shipping event - since the company's acquisition in 1990,ombardier has been very good for the line and the business.

Bombardier also has Learjet service centres at five locations in the USA. There is no doubt that Beech and Cessna (now Textron Aviation) and Bombardier Learjet will regularly face challenging situations, as will the commercial aerospace industries in which they operate and compet. Mr. Higdon served as PR Manager for Beech and Learjet for 12 years before setting up an ad and PR company for more than a decade of aerospace customers, among them Learjet and Cessna, 25 years before his retire in 1996.

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