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Prince George's County, MD.

The Call-A-Cab is a transport aid programme that offers elderly people in the district (over 60 years of age) and/or people with handicaps access to transport at lower costs. Enables qualifying citizens to buy voucher vouchers to buy travel with taxi operators when Metrobus, Metrorail and/or Call-A-Bus are not available.

Senior County and/or people with special needs can buy up to fourteen $20 voucher booklets for $10 per copy over a six months time frame. To order voucher booklets, add $10 to each $20 voucher booklet. Cash your cheque or wire transfer to Prince George's County. Enclose evidence of old-age and/or invalidity.

Among the permitted identification types are: driving licence, Metro Senior/Metro Disability Card and MetroAccessCard. Present your voucher album to the chauffeur.

Philadelphia Taxi, Philadelphia Taxi, Philadelphia Taxi

All over the town, we service clients and provide limousines, limousines, SUVs as well as mini vans for wheelchairs. This fee is levied in place of the Medallion Taxicab for all journeys between Philadelphia International Airport and the Center City Zone. With effect from July 1, 2017, as amended by Order 17-004, the Flatrate Zone is the area between Schuylkill and Delaware Rivers and between Washington Avenue to the south and Fairmount Avenue to the north.

Westerly of the Schuylkill River, the northerly border runs westwards along the north side of Thirty Street Station on 2900 Arch Street, then southwards on Thirty Street to its junction with Market Street. Frontier runs westwards along the North side of Market Street to 48th Street, southwards on48th Street to Spruce Street and eastwards on Spruce Street to its junction with Southern Street.

City Zone to Airport Package: $28.50 per one way ticket, regardless of the number of people travelling. Airport to Center City Zone Package: $28.50 per one way ticket for one (1) traveler. $1.00 per person for each further person after the first will be added to the counter after the rider has set the lump sum charge on the counter after exiting the airport.

The following will apply if the journey requires a return to more than one Center City Zone location. The per capita package and any $1.00 per capita surcharge will be applicable on the first captain's return to the Center City Zone. Fifty airport exit fees will be charged on all measured rates departing from Philadelphia International Airport.

There is a $11.00 floor pass charge for the exit charge for each journey from an aircraft cabin stand at the terminal. Do not add the Flughafen Away Charge to a ride where the Center City Zone package is calculated as described above. Unidirectional toll charges, such as New Jersey bridge charges, must be applied regardless of the destination.

Any toll charges levied in any manner, such as toll charges, shall be redoubled to reimburse the returning journey.

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