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Taxicab City area surcharge ticket

Orkhard Turn into the driveway in front of Ngee Ann City. The Stamford Road is along the entrance to Raffles City. Do you have a map that illuminates the roads/areas that apply to this CBD area?


Depends where on the Orchard Road (i.e. there was a portal near then its intended launch of the journey CBD. CBD is limited by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) portals in the Orchard Road, Bras Basah, Bugis, Chinatown and Shenton Way areas. Our taxi riders will be informed of the places where the city surcharge can be levied and the times when they can do so.

In addition, the LTA's professional training test will test taxi drivers' CBD border crossing skills. As part of the taxi tariff, the district surcharge is shown in our vouchers, which are available on enquiry at the end of the journey. If there is a disagreement or if the district surcharge is levied illegally, customers can call the account managers of our company in question via the phone numbers shown on the receipt or via the LTA at 1-800-CALL-LTA.

Taxidrivers who deliberately wrongly claim the urban supplement may be subject to a fine of up to US$500 and 12 minus points under the LTA's Vocational Licence Points System (VLPS). There were also mistakes in the comparative spreadsheet of the awards in the reporting. Below you will find the taxi rates and supplements that currently apply to all Singapore taxi cabs.

Applies to travel from the CBD area. Cannot be used on Sundays and holidays. CBD surcharge is to be paid in addition to Peak Hour surcharge. If the above mentioned day is a Sunday and the following Monday is a day of holidays, the surcharge shall be paid by 12.00 noon on Monday.

Öffentlicher Verkehr Council (Taxi Pricing) Regulation 2016

The Regulation is Regulation 2016 of the Public Transport Council (Taxi Fare Pricing Policy) and enters into force on 22 January 2016. "The term "basic charge" has the meanings given in Article 6; "distance rate" means a specific amount to be paid per kilometre in accordance with Article 6(b), (c) or (d) if the taxi travels at the following speed or faster:

226/2015 ); "flag amount" means an amount levied on a rented taxi that is put into movement at the beginning of the rental; "lessee" means the party from whom a taxi is rented to carry the lessee (with or without other passengers) and shall include a party trying to rent a taxi;

"Nocturnal rental period" means the interval referred to in subsection 11 or such other interval as may be replaced by an amendment in accordance with subsection 13; "local allowance target" means any body in which a local allowance may be paid in accordance with Part 5 for each taxi ride the rental of which begins or ends at that place at the specified rental date in that Part;

"Proprietor " in respect of a place of general interest means any individual who has a property or an interest in the place of general interest and whose permit to access the place of general interest is required by another individual before the other individual can access the place; "Passenger" in respect of a taxi shall exclude the taxi operator; "Peak time" shall mean any periods specified in subsection 9 or any other periods replaced by a change under subsection 13;

a) is a luxurious car type or a specialized car; ii) is used to deliver a luxurious, high value, unplanned taxi passing arrangement; b) is a part of a location that the user of the location allows visitors to access, but only as long as the location is normally open to the general public; a " open taxi rank " means a publicly accessible booth used for taxi rides in accordance with section 109 of the Road Traffic Act (Cap.

276 ) and contains a taxi stop; "road tax " means the amount of the toll required by the ERP regulations; "standard taxi" means a taxi that is not a commuter taxi; "taxi driver" means the passenger who drives the taxi if the passenger has a current driver's license under Part V of the Traffic Act entitling the passenger to use the taxi for commercial purposes;

"Taxiservice " means a taxiservice to which this Regulation refers; "total base price" means, for each trip with the taxi, the amount for the trip plotted on the taxi meter of the taxi, which taxi meter is adjusted to capture all base rate fees for the trip; "waiting time" means that a rented taxi travels at a speed below the following speed (including stops at set points or standstill due to congestion):

a) if the taxi is used at a taxi rank or as a consequence of the use of a street or an entrance to pick up or set down a passenger when entering the taxi of the lessee or a passenger escorting the lessee; c) if the taxi is instructed to start the rental at a specific place and at a specific moment on the taxi's arriving at that place at that moment or thereafter.

This Regulation lays down the prices for all taxi fares provided or made available to the general public throughout Singapore for a trip within Singapore, but not for taxi fares provided by a listed individual on behalf of the Government Transport Council (Exempt Taxi Service Providers) (G. N. No. S 24/2016) 2016.

2. An amount specified in this order shall be the applicable tariff or charge on 22 January 2016 for the taxi element in question.

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