Gta iv Taxi Missions

The Gta iv Taximissions

Novel's Taxi Driver is a minor mission in Grand Theft Auto IV that requires the player to drive passengers to specific locations within a cash award period. Also what are other good ways to earn money (besides the main mission)? I want the money to buy weapons in the weapon shop. and then you can't do the taxi mission.

Roman's Taxi Driver | GTA Wiki

Roman's Taxi Driver is a minor in Grand Theft Auto IV that obliges the players to take players to certain destinations within a specified period of qualifying for a bar bonus. Nico can complete the taxi side operation after the missions by calling Roman Bellic and selecting the "Job" item on the left side mainframe.

Mr Román indicates the customer's position and place of delivery and informs Mr Niko that he is picking up a taxi from the taxi shed. When Niko already drives one, he will tell Novel that he can go and collect the ticket price immediately. Although no timer will appear, Niko's travelers will ask him to move quickly, and the quest will go wrong if the gamer needs too much to do.

Most tariffs, however, give Niko enough elapsed urgency to achieve the goal, although the players can still be detained at locations such as toll stations. Once the gamer has finished all ten of Roman's taxi tariffs, Roman Niko will send an SMS saying that the other riders were envious that Niko "took all the tariffs" and that he "should use his fists" to make cash instead.

Niko will not be able to pick up any tickets after this date. Following Roman's Sorrow missions, even if the gamer has not yet finished all or one of the taxi missions, they will be deactivated for good because Roman's deposit has burnt down. Taximissions are not necessary for 100% complete gameplay, nor do they provide any benefit or bonuses, except for small sums of $20-30 (much less if the players have to use tollbooths).

Most likely, they were involved early in the action to help the players familiarize themselves with the streets and earn a little more revenue at the same time. Niko will charge you one of the tariffs you have to go to the Schottler Medical Center. Occasionally the ticket price after the collapse drops a small amount of cashed amount that can be collected by the gamer.

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