Airplane Rental Hawaii

Aircraft rental Hawaii

Real flight service learns to fly in Hawaii! New Hawaii Flight Instruction & Aircraft Rental in Hilo, HI Hawaii's Big Island boasts great year round air conditions, affordable airfields and some of the best vistas! Approximately an hour's airplane ride takes you over the rainforests and Puna's rugged Volcano Coastline to see the Pu'u O'o'o Volcano Chimney and live streams of Lavas.

Or, with just over an hour's flight, you can take in the breathtaking view of the Hamakua Coast and its seven valley, 1,200 feet high rocks and 1,000 feet of caves. Even cross-country driving with a land at Upolu Point Airport just a few kilometres behind the valley is possible!

Taste the flies! Check out our Discovery Flight Introductory Flight Hour where our certified flight instructors will get you behind the checks. There is no need for prior learning, this session is designed to suit your personal needs and is focused on teaching you the fundamentals and pleasures of it. If you want to take some pictures, your trainer can do the checks at any moment and will do the take-off and landings as needed.

Fly over lava on Big Island of Hawaii

Wellcome to our flight school! Discover the beautiful and splendid scenery of aviation on the islands of Hawaii. When you visit the islands, take our Iceland Adventure Focused Training course and get to know what it means to be an Icelandic flyer from a very skilled trainer. Soar high above the Kona coastline on Big Iceland and merge with the spectacular hawaiian setting sun!

Avaliable for all Tropicbird flyers. Cruise the wind-whipped northern shores of the Big Island of Hawaii. Below you can see movies of how great it is to be a Hawaiian aviator. One of our locals made this footage while he was in one of our planes near the valley.

Thanks a lot, Mike Lauro, and all the other tropicalbird trainers who led me through my instruments evaluation and my business certification. It was a provocative, worthwhile and entertaining time. Complete pros and first class CFOs who have given this new recruited pilots a few additional hints and hints to take with them. Can' tell enough about these people!

Being a professional in Alaska, I chose to take a few week off to take off for a flying course in a hot and bright place. Excellent flying education, sound professionality and cordial welcome on the Isle. Mike Lauro, Chief Pilots, contributes a rich body of aeronautical expertise and communicates it with an inspired and first class teaching approach.

It is a wonderful, inspiring place to go flying in fine conditions and a fantastic landscape.

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