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She is a Clean Air Cab ist Mitglied der Phoenix Green Chamber of Commerce und der Greater Phoenix Gay & ; Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Why Choose Clean Air Cab?

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Hughes started the Prius project on Earth Day 2008, in which the former taxi fleets were converted to fuel-efficient cars, with the launch of 20 colourful, lemon-green Prius. Each year, the annual saving from this modification resulted in an estimate of 4,000 gs of fuel, and the entire aircraft fleets avoided over 30,000 tonnes of CO2 from polluting the atmosphere.

The expansion will save ten thousand dollar of power and is expected to cut annual CO2 emission by 377 metric tonnes.

Shining blue for a clean air conditioning system

Under the new sky-blue shell of the Air Cab lie the foundations for a thriving business - a petrol-electric Toyota Prius hydride that always delivers a cleaner, greener drive. In the near future, the airline will be offering a smart phone application to help rationalize planning, view cabin location and allow customers to use their mobile phone to make payments.

Not only the expanding boutique of hybrids or a time-saving application is pushing the firm forward, but also the man behind the steering wheels - Steve Lopez, proprietor, businessman and benefactor. Lopez naturally attributes the company's triumph to his spouse and associate Ginger Lopez and the Clean Air Cab family.

Launched in 2009, Lopez is committed to offering low -cost travelling with a low-emission 11-Prius aircraft that has now increased to more than 40s. His high standards of services included secure, courteous chauffeurs, high value, punctual delivery and a smooth journey. Some of the things that make a passenger comfortable when selecting a Air Cab are these advantages.

There are other good things to feeling good about settling into a Clean Air Cab. It is a climate-neutral business that proactively looks for ways to make a difference to the world around us and to the communities in which we work. These low-pollution cars use recyclable lubricating agents and are clean with environmentally compatible cleaning agents.

Founded in 1958, the firm has made it possible to plant more than 18,000 national and international tree species. In order to compensate for the company's CO2 emissions, the business buys CO2 certificates through, a non-profit organisation that promotes CO2 mitigation and sustainability initiatives.

When you take a trip in one of the company's specifically designated cabins, you help the business give something back to the fellowship in a different way. Ticket prices in a United Way Cab are generating money for locals, and donations continue. We also donate to grocery stores and other charity organisations.

So far, more than 46,000 US dollars have been given to donations to local organisations. Steve and Ginger Lopez's and Clean Air Cab's attempts have not gone by unnoticed. A number of accolades have been awarded to the firm and its reputation is growing. Steve wants the business to expand on a regional or perhaps even national basis in the near term.

On the Phoenix subway, Steve is a member of Regional First, One community, Mesa Chamber of Commerce, Arizona Green Chamber of Commerce and Green Shield Partners and has established strong relationships with regional companies. Clean Air Cab's staff wants you to know that your commitment to a better society is consistent with your work.

If it' s about building a better tomorrow, Air Cab goes the extra mile. </ i>.

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