Planes for Sale Europe

Aircraft for sale Europe

New aircraft from Europe before US penalties come back to Iran | Iran News With less than 48 hrs before the new US ban comes into force, the Iranian airline has reported that five new French-Italian ATR planes will soon be arriving in Tehran to fill the country's growing population. "On the basis of current arrangements, five new ATR planes will be landing at Mehrabad airport at 9am (04:30 GMT) on Sunday (Sunday)," Iran Air said on Saturday on its telegram canal.

At the end of a settlement deadline on Monday 6 August, the first round of US fines will strike back. ATR is headquartered in Europe and also operates in the USA, where it is sanctioned. Many years of US fines have kept Iran from acquiring new planes or even parts for these planes, and these limitations have been partially held responsible for the country's extreme bad air travel practices.

These limit values were only relaxed after the signature of the 2015 Atomic Energy Covenant. ATR-72600' is part of a contract to purchase 20 new planes in April 2017, eight of which have been shipped to date. However, US President Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Tehran Great Power Treaty and sanctioning of the transaction in May has called the transaction into question.

First, the revised penalties include blocs for financing and commodity import as well as penalties against the Iranian automobile market, airline sales and even the carpets manufacturing there. Penalties - also against the Iranian petroleum and natural-gas sectors and the Iranian Federal Reserve - will be resumed in early November.

Last week's reporter Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said he hopes eight LTRs will be supplied before the end of the sanction period. However, since slightly more than 10 per cent of their parts are made in the United States, they are again sanctioned by the US.

The US Boeing and European Airbus were also compelled to terminate agreements with up to $39 billion worth of Iranian carriers after Washington declined to give them a waiver. Only three of the 100 aircraft ordered from Airbus in Iran were shipped. The Iran said that the penalties endanger life by blockading the sale of new aircraft and replacement parts for its aging fleet.

Iranian Aseman Airlines was ordered in February to stop its flotilla of ATR planes after one of them fell in the Zagros Hills and killed all 66 on board. "Old planes continue to fly in the West... because they get parts and continuous upkeep. Aeroplane servicing in Iran is more difficult due to the shortage of replacement parts - these parts must comply with US Treasury licences, as most of them belong to and have connections with the US".

Masheras said that over 2,000 Iranians have been killed in air accidents since 1979, which reflects the "terrible state of aviation" in the state. Not only will the US airline manufacturers loose "massive orders" from Iran with the imminent US fines, but the country's airline sector will further worsen and be incapable of joining the world' s airline sector, he said.

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