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Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about aircraft rentals in Mesa, AZ. Flight instruction and aircraft rental in the Mesa/Phoenix region. The Airplane Rental Ventures is a Part 61 Flight Training Facility.

The Airplane Rental Ventures is a Part 61 Flight Training Facility. Furthermore, we provide our customers with the rental of airplanes. If you need a rental for commercial or private purposes, Airplane Rental Ventures can help. For the following assessments we provide training: Instructor evaluations. Our fleets include powerful, sophisticated one-engined planes.

Our full-service operations ensure that our aircrafts are operated safely and that they are prepared for flight school. We can help you with a flight review or money if you are already aviator. We specialize in working with shopkeepers and those with other full-time obligations. We tailor our programme to the individual needs and dates of our customers.

Call us to make an appointement with our flying teachers to visit our facilities and our plane. Become the first to rate Airplane Rental Ventures!


At present, GLAV has nine aircrafts, which provide you with a multitude of possibilities for trainings and rentals. GLAV planes are available for hire and flight in the United States. They differ in terms of scale, cost and performance to give you the best possible fitting for your flight.

The Twin Comanche Proudly is one of the few twin airplanes that can be rented in the Midwest of the USA. Our PA-30 is a great trainer and a great airplane to hire. Our Multi-Engine Rating Trainings are available at any given moment and we can complement your flight with our Multi-Engine Simulation.

There are also specific prices for blocks of times. Every one of the airplanes is serviced according to the FAA's stringent guidelines and manufacturers' specifications. In addition, they all have over a million dollar cover with a $250 not in movement and a $1500 in movement excess for all the planes we hire.

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