Helicopter Rental Florida

Florida Helicopter Rental

Most experienced helicopter service company in the country Fast, convenient rentals from all Florida airports and helicopter ports to Florida cities, the Florida Keys in the Bahamas and beyond. If you decide for our company, executives or shuttle yacht rentals, cinema, aerial photograph or nice sight-seeing trips in Southern Florida, the HMC employees will offer you a reliable and timely personalization.

24/7 we are at your disposal to offer you a comfortable and dependable helicopter chauffeur services.

aeroplane sale

Floridas is the only authorised distributor of the new R66 engine in Florida, in conjunction with the sale of the Robinson R22 and R44. Find out about our complete stock of new and used helidecks. Robinson Service Center in the southeast and the premier R66 service facility in the U.S. FSH is the world's premier supplier of R66 service.


Support our NewHeli Harbor project and get 30% off your flying schooling! Simulator ELITE Simulation solutions new FAA-approved single-seater, individual controls with moving Advanced Aircraft Trainer. The FAA Examiner A course participant who completes a course with an FAA Examiner will receive his or her assessment without further work. Ideal for teaching instruments!

The PBH trainers convey an entrenched body of aeronautical expertise, which is then translated into a real aeronautical world. Trainers are available in all phase of aircraft education. As soon as a learner has completed all steps of the paper and practice exam, he or she is well equipped to work as a confident, competent and qualified pilots.

PBH's broad spectrum of services includes a Robinson Service Center, technical equipment for aeroplanes, simulation courses and is one of the few helicopter flying academies with testing competence. In just nine and a half years, PBH can help you get ready for a helicopter carrier. Study at your own speed and let our staff put together a versatile workout plan to suit your life style.

PBH has been training international college graduates, some who have promoted their current flying careers, others who have begun a new one.

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