How to Rent a Helicopter

Hiring a helicopter

Every potential tenant MUST complete a checkout flight with a Rogue CFI in the helicopter make and model they wish to rent. Are you planning an upcoming party, surprise or wedding? WOW factor in every special event! We know how to bring the WOW factor into every special event! Our professional instructors will give you a pre-flight briefing and provide you with all the necessary aeronautical information.

Find a helicopter to rent a post-flight training center: Hubschrauber

I have seen places with everything from no-renting without an Instructor to if you are a CRF and do a 10 hour check out flight, they let you rent a 22. If you have enough money, the college I go to will be happy to lend you a 22cc solo. I have also seen one or twoero clubs that had choppers, but few and far apart.

Aeroplane partnerships were mentioned several occasions when I was dealing with them before.

Helicopter hire - flying for pleasure

Travellers who discover Greece want to experience the beauties and splendours of the country's various tourist attractions, lovely islets, pulsating towns and old archaeological remains. A helicopter is a great way to discover everything Greece has to offer. What is Greece like? Gentle Mediterranean climate is great for great photos and videos. The helicopter flight also offers excellent accessibility to areas of the county that cannot be reached by any other means of transportation.

Hubschrauber are convenient, fast and offer the best visibility from their windows sits. Each helicopter traveller will confirm that no other means of transportation can offer such a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable vacation as this. When you are a flyer - why don't you go over Greece yourself? If you are interested, we can help you plan a trip that allows you to see the Greece you want to see from the sky, and above all, you can do the helicopter check yourself before the trip.

Our qualified and experienced pilots will give you a pre-flight introduction and provide you with all necessary information. We have a dedicated air traffic control team monitoring your aircraft. The helicopter rental is also ideal for scheduling an exhilarating familiar experience or corporate trip. The helicopter rental can be part of a great route for a daily trip to a particular occasion or sport trip in Greece.

Whatever the reason, helicopter rental is a great way to get where you want to be with stylish comforts. You can do everything while you steer the helicopter for the whole afternoon and experience the pleasure of flight in one of the most scenic places in the canyon.

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