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The OpenAirplane is an online platform where users can find, book and pay for aircraft. Supplier spots At OpenAirplane we work with pilot training centers, pilot club and single owner. Everyone is just called an observer. Everyone who has an aircraft that needs to do more is welcome to become an OpenAirplane owner. OpenAirplane will pay 90 per cent of the specified gross fare to the operating authority, 3 per cent to its own payment service provider and retain 7 per cent as a percentage.

OpenAirplane, in other words, does not make a living until you make it. "It is not another aviation school season ticket payment scheme for which aviation colleges are paying and hoping to generate revenue. The OpenAirplane is designed to help pilot aircraft perform more flights, which allows owners to turn more requisites more frequently, making their aircraft more cost-effective. We see the open airplane net in almost 100 per cent of incremental flights.

It' s the flight that wouldn't have otherwise happened," he said. "It is okay to apply aircraft on OpenAirplane at a higher rates per hour to partially or fully pay the fees. Tenants of OpenAirplane know how prices work, and they don't care to pay a small bonus for the ease of use of our service," Rakic said.

An important factor in the OpenAirplane triumph is the Universal Pilots check-out, or UPC for short (http://pilots.openairplane. com/#the-checkout). It is the most important QC system designed to make sure that every lessor pilots is well trained to fly your aircraft in a safe and competent manner. UPC is performed by a flying teacher in the OpenAirplane family.

This cash register is then valid for 12 month at every OpenAirplane provider. In contrast to a conventional Flight Reviews, the UPC is handled as a Pass/Fail. Pilot must show that they have the requisite level of expertise, decision-making and aeronautical competence for carrying out the test safely and competently. Being a licensed carrier, the opportunity to provide this Universal Pilot check-out offers added value for your current clients.

Every carrier will also provide a detailed procedure letter containing useful information on best practice, aerodrome consideration, aerodrome operation and advice on how to plan flights locally. OpenAirplane briefs can be read by anyone who searches the OpenAirplane networking site. Kwasek is the proprietor and principal driver of the Chicago Executive Fellowship in Wheeling, Illinois, which has worked with OpenAirplane since its founding in 2013.

"Kwasek said, "We really enjoy OpenAirplane and fully endorse its commitment to making aviation more available to all flyers. "OpenAirplane tenants who come to us are always competent, proffesional and conscientious. This programme will help to fill the loopholes in our timetable, resulting in a genuine profit.

OpenAirplane is a well run and professionally run business. The Chicago Executive Flight School befindet sich am Chicago Executive Airport (PWK). Smith est directeur général de l'Aspen Flying Club am Centennial Airport (APA) à Denver, Colorado. OpenAirplane has been working with American for about three years. "The OpenAirplane rental companies are always well trained and simple to operate.

Universalilot Checkout does a good job getting your drivers ready and making sure they are secure and competent. Like OpenAirplane, we also like that it ensures rent income by billing the driver and pays us if the driver drops out at the last minute," Smith said. OpenAirplane's on-line assessment system improves QC, according to co-founder Mrkic.

Our service gives tenants the opportunity to check and evaluate the aircraft they have flown and the aircraft owners they have hired. It is also recommended that aircraft owners check and evaluate the aircraft rental fleet. "This information remains in the pilot's OpenAirplane airplane and can be readily accessed by any server when a timetable requirement is retrieved, he said.

In this case, the owner has the possibility to demand further education or to refuse the lease. Seems that the only thing OpenAirplane is lacking are more aircraft in the air. In order to expand our expanding business networks, we are looking for further aviation academies, aviation associations and individuals. It'?s a networking effect.

Since 1997 Jim Pitman has been a flying teacher. A Part 141 CFC, Cessna Pilot Center Regional Executive and Arizona CFC of the Year Trainer et Instructeur de vol de l'année. Currently he is flying the Canadair Red Cross for a US airline and runs his own airline trainingshop.

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