Jet Airways Ticket Booking

Ticket Booking by Jet Airways

the distance (chargeable point kilometres) and cabin class of the award ticket. You can download Jet Airways and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Redemption of JP Miles Use your award miles to earn your award miles and fly around the globe to any location of your choosing. Your JetPMiles allow you to purchase an award flight with Jet Airways, Etihad Airways or one of our 20+ airline partners. The redemption period already begins at 5,000 miles for national flights and 6,000 miles for Jet Airways award flights.

Verify the destination you can travel to with your existing credit on your account. In order to redeem your Johnson Pills for reward flights, you must make sure that you are entitled to redeem them. From August 17, 2016, Jet Airways Awards reservations will incorporate a face value fee based on network, distance (Ticketed Point Mileage) and cabin category of prize ticket.

Transport fares are calculated per traveller by segments and are levied in supplement to all current legal duties, tax, fees as well as surcharges. You will find details of the calculation of the carrier prices in the following chart. The shipping costs shown are in Indian Rupees (INR) and are calculated in your country's foreign exchange using the current foreign exchange rates.

From November 1, 2017, all Reward Flights purchased against your JP Miles and purchased with a Ticket on or after November 1, 2017 will be subject to a different fare according to the fare below. Review the detail screen of the necessary number of miles for each area. Please note: Booking made before November 01, 2017 for trips made after November 01, 2017, for new issues due to date changes, industry changes, etc., will result in a changed carrier's fee as of November 01, 2017 and the balance will be charged in excess of any other legal fees, if any.

Detail of the number of needed miles for each sectors. In the event of a query for a modification or reversal of the reward ticket that has been reserved, a fee will be charged in the amount of a JPMile compliment. These changes might involve date changes, industry changes, cancellations of reward tickets, etc. A member, for example, makes a motion to date a person's premium trip for a particular group.

Requests are handled and a handling fee of 750 JPMiles is deducted from the member's bankroll. Notice that the fees are per person and per changing sectors. There is no fee for members of PG as long as the modification is made for their own use.

For redemption of members on account of other members/non-members, the valid fees shall prevail. Verify full information on current incidental costs.

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