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Have a look at our editors' tips for the best books of the month in the areas of fiction, non-fiction, mysteries, children's books and much more. The airport is a bestseller of the British-Canadian writer Arthur Hailey. The book revolves around Mel Bakersfeld as the main character. He's general manager of Lincoln International Airport.

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The airport is a bestseller of the British-Canadian author Arthur Hailey. Doubleday's 1968 edition tells the tale of a large urban airport and its operation during a heavy snow storms. History is set at Lincoln International, a fictitious airport in Chicago that is situated at O'Hare International Airport. Mel Bakersfeld, the general manager of the airport, is the focus of the campaign.

This dedication to his work tears his familiy apart and his matrimony with his Cindy spouse, who resented using his airport work as a tool not to go to various after-work activities that he is supposed to attend while trying to get into the Chicago élite community.

He' s struggling in his matrimony is compounded by his romantic relationship with a charming divorced woman, Trans America Airlines Travel Agent Tanya Livingston. Most of the time, the tale happens in one of the evenings and at midnight, when a heavy blizzard disrupts airport work. It focuses on Bakersfeld's efforts to keep the airport open during the hurricane.

Its main issue is the sudden closing of the 30 main take-off strip (runway 29 in the sequel) due to the fact that a leaving aircraft of a Michigan carrier (in the movie, an incoming aircraft of the same carrier as the trip to Rome) passes by the false side of a take-off and landing strip limitation lamp, buries the aircraft's undercarriage in the powder and blocks the take-off and landing strip.

It becomes a big issue as another aircraft, Trans America Fast Two, is experiencing an air borne distress, cancels its trip to Rome and goes back to Lincoln. To this end, take-off and landing strip 30 must be put into operation at all costs. Closure of the Runway 30 necessitates the use of the short RV 25 (RV 22 in the sequel), which unfortunately leads to aircraft taking off over a noise-sensitive outskirts whose inhabitants block off the airport in protests.

Even later, the shortened take-off and landing strip of 25 is not sufficient to landing the returned aircraft, which sustained great physical and psychological damages as a result of the explosion of the airborne detonated weapon. This book gives an insight into the operation of a large airport, a large part of which is still valid 40 years later.

There are several protagonists and secondary figures that illustrate the enormous complexities of the airport and its processes, among them custom officials, attorneys, airport policemen, physicians, employees, snowploughs, etc. Mel Bakersfeld is the protagonist of the book. He' s general manager of Lincoln International Airport. Mel often attends them.

Mr. Patroni is the hard and fast manager of the Trans World Airlines (TWA) in Lincoln MRO. It is retracted by Bakersfeld to move the handicapped plane that blocks Slope 30. A hand luggage balloon is built which he carries on the Trans America Flight Two, "The Golden Argosy", a Rome-based Boeing 707, in the hopes of giving his bride an insured cheat money for deaths ( similar to the real incident of Continental Airlines Flight 11).

Ada Quonsett, an older woman, a common blind passenger, thwarts the bomb attack and the air force requests help from her team. He is a self-assured and inflated seniors rider for Trans America Airlines and a brother-in-law for Bakersfeld. In spite of his arrogant stance, he is an experienced flyer who will help to get the second plane home safe, even though the real plane is being flown by Captain Anson Harris, an experienced flyer who receives his last "check trip" from demerest before being certificated for Masters.

Meighen Gwen is a Trans America Airlines Seniors air hostess on air two and Vernon's fan. Others are focused on Cindy Bakersfeld's societal ambitions, the aspiring attorney who is making an ultimate and condemned attempt to take the airport to court over making a lot of fuss about his customers' houses, and a difference of opinion between Mel and Vernon about selling airline insurances.

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