Airport Ground Transportation

Ground transport at the airport

Surface and bus service options to and from Boston Logan International Airport. Easy ways to get to and from Portland International Airport. The hotels offer free shuttle vans to and from the airport.

airport-ground traffic association

Welcome to the Airport Ground Transportation Associations! Our company is a professional organisation for ground handling companies, airport authority and industrial supplier, which is committed to the continual enhancement of ground handling service at the airport for the travelling population. Hopefully you are planning to join us for the Autumn 2018 Conference in Washington D.C. from 9 to 12 September.

Now you can book your room for the autumn conference of Alexandria International Airport in Alexandria, VA (DC). Our DC location's benefits will be the main topic of this event, with a particular emphasis on the changes in regulations that have affected the ground transportation sector of airports for both airport owners and airport manager. You can register now!

Now members can log into their accounts and make reservations using a major international debit method. Those who wish to receive a application by cheque, please click on the following button to receive your inscription. Please note that you should use the on-line system when using your payment method - please do not send or send faxes with your payment details!

Please click here to get the applicationformular. Or you can begin to plan your 2019 trip to integrate the AGTA New Orleans Meetings at Astor Crowne Plaza from 24 to 27 March 2019 to extend the 2018 innovation of the year. A copy of the current session agendas is now also available for consideration.

Please click on this hyperlink to open and check the DC Meeting Agenda (subject to further updates).

Airport ground handling services Wichita

Our check-in desks for hire and return vehicles are comfortably situated on the first storey of the multi-storey building for easy collection and return. There are four floors with 1600 places in the basement. There are five exits for all terminals, of which three are collected and two for credit/debit cards.

The payment points are situated in the terminals in the Bag Claims Area and a second stop next to the nearby parking area. Those hoteliers provide free shuttles to and from the airport. Check the Courtsy Phone Board in the luggage reclaim area to call your localtel.

These diagrams show the routes walked by pedestrians from each door to the shared starting and stopping points and from the shared starting and stopping points to each transport area.

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