How to get Taxi Driver License

This is how you get your taxi driver's license

To drive a taxi you need a taxi driving licence. Application for a license at an Ajovarma office. Where can I get a taxi driver's license? Homepage / EDT / How do I get a taxi driver's license? They must obtain a taxi driving licence/permit from the municipality or village hall in accordance with the current municipality or village taxi regulations.

Existence and submission of a driver medical examination report of category 4 to the vehicle department issued by the Exhibition Bureau or the Bureau of the Communal Liaison Bureau (MLO) or the Government Liaison Bureau (GLO).

The doctor's examination is subject to a charge. These fees cover the driving test, both in writing and in practice. Within the scope of the driving test, you must carry out a "walk around" test of your test car.

Conditions for the issue of a taxi driving license

In order to operate a taxi you need a taxi driving license. Request a license from an Ajovarma agency. We also advise clients and review the criterias and equipment. Taxi driver's license is granted for five years. When you are 68 years of age or older, your taxi driver's license is valid for two years and you have successfully completed the taxi driver exam.

A taxi driver exam consists of a theoretical exam and a location test, which can be taken individually or simultaneously. Here you can reserve a test period at Ajovarma. Records are kept when a convicted offender has been convicted to imprisonment, either conditional or unconditional.

The information on administrative penalties is verified from the Administrative Fine Registry. No taxi driving license may be granted if a convicted offender has been identified in the police record as having been found to have committed the offenses referred to in subsection 2) above and the offenses show that he or she is clearly unfit to be a taxi driver, and if he or she has been found guilty of a foreign offense corresponding to the offenses referred to in subsections 1-2 above and the offense has been recorded in the police record or in the fine registry.

When you have a driver's license from another EU or EEA country and you do not have the right to travel in Finland, you must present your driver's license when you apply for a taxi driver's license. The taxi driver's license is sent home to the person requesting it about two weeks after the license is granted.

Driver's license is not issued if the person applying is excluded from or temporarily prohibited from using the vehicle or if the taxi driver's license has been revoked. If a taxi driver's license is about to expire, you must request a new driver's license. Terms and condition for the renewal of a license are essentially the same as for the grant of the first license.

If you are under 45 years of age you will not need to repeat the taxi driver exam or submit a health certificate. An extension of a license is also granted for five or two years. They can order a new taxi driver's license to substitute a driver's license that has been either forgotten, broken, damaged in transit or taken away.

An alternate license is granted for the duration that remains on the initial license. They should order a new license from Ajovarma. Taxis may be revoked by the authorities for a specified length of stay, either temporary or indefinite, if the person holding the taxi driving license does not meet the medical standards or is found to have committed a criminal offense that would make it impossible to obtain a driver's license.

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