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Vintage Taxi & Tours Service Welcome! Getting a personal service and supporting a local company was nice. Are local businessmen recommending the Vintage Taxi Service? Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Vintage Taxi Service in Bradenton, FL.

Just the best taxi & tours.

Vintage Taxi Bradenton FL 34202, available at an attractive price.

It was a very enjoyable vintage taxi ride I had. and Jerry's very kind to him. The prices were very fair, I would recommend anyone who flies in or out of Southwest Fl. And Jerry was the only ray of hope on an otherwise busy one!

We had a good talk, he was quick, the cars were neat and comfy. Thank you again, Jerry. And Jerry is a great kid. A journey and he's like a best mate. He' s got a flawless truck and is always on schedule. Absolute pleasure to or from the airports or just a simple outing.

The Vintage Taxi is the best taxi service in the city. Jerry's prices from Lakewood Ranch to Tampa are unbeatable. He' s always punctual, great for chatting & seems to really appreciate what he's doing. When I fly to the southwest of Florida, Jerry is always my first transport call.

with a big broad grin. Service A+, travel, chauffeur and limousine. Punctual, neat and kind at all times. Pricing is appropriate.

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Understanding the needs of our customers, we aim to deliver a very personal ised service for all events, large or small. Our company offers a broad palette of transportation as well as sightseeing, trips and trips on the Malta archipelago. Malt and Gozo. Our company offers Malta International Airports to hotels and hotels to Malta International Airports transportation service.

Our rates are set, not metres! On Focal Point we propose a tour schedule that visits the most important island sights, historic places and market places. Focal Point has a range of cars in its vehicle pool with adapted vehicle options for persons with limited mobility. Our range of products and systems is designed to meet the needs of our customers. Our chauffeured service is available for both groups and individual travellers.

In Focal Point we provide tourist service for those who visit the Malta cruise ship isles. Our company offers a number of chauffeured service with a broad palette of cars, from classic cars to the latest model.

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