Apply for Private Hire License

Application for a private rental license

Latest taxi- and private rental information Find out about the latest developments in the taxi and private rental business in Trafford - from Council resolutions and new initiative on execution and prosecution. When you have updates that you think may be of interest to the taxi and private rental business, please contact us using the information provided on this page. The Trafford Council is considering suggestions to change its requirement for those who wish to apply for a private hire/Hackney driving license. The amendments are part of a series of actions currently being examined by the ten Manchester Greater Area LAs to set agreed benchmarks for the granting of taxis.

As a first amendment, all new entrants for a private hire/Hackney driving license must take a locally based test as part of the recruitment procedure. Secondly, the amendment proposes that all new entrants to a private hire/Hackney driving permit should be obliged to comply with a new, higher level of linguistic requirements.

Appropriate communicative and linguistic abilities are seen as indispensable for the work of a Hackney carrier or a private rental car operator, and the impression is created that the current, lower standards may be too high. It will be the same as for those who wish to apply for UK citizenship or it will be accepted if claimants can demonstrate that they have acquired an appropriate skill with an equal degree of competence in English.

A third amendment proposal is to grant a double private hire/hackney driving licence to new candidates once all conditions have been fulfilled. It will enable the complainant to potentially operate both private hire and Hackney coach cars and should help to allay the doubts of the coach business about the shortage of Trafford registered coachmen.

Please fill out the cab rider enrolment if you can fulfill all the requirements listed in the enclosed guide and would like to apply as a Hackney or Private Hire Drive. You should be aware that the DBS Claim Forms, DBS Health care Forms and DBS Applications must be filled in and filled in no sooner than 28 working days prior to their filing with the regulatory authority.

Once you have filled out and sent the web page, do not call the licensing office to check the status. To learn more about how to apply as a private lessor or hacker in Trafford, please see the following points: The Transport ation Act 1985 allows councillors to restrict the number of driving licenses for the Hackney coach in their territory only if there is no 'significant unsatisfied demand'.

Whether or not there is significant unsatisfied enquiry must be established through a sound statistically based interpretation of the results of a query on enquiry in the territory of that authority. The Council launched an investigation in spring 2015 to investigate the Trafford market for trolleys.

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