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Customer from Great Britain booked a taxi from Toronto, Canada to Pearson International Airport (YYZ). The YYZ Toronto Airport Limousine is not just another limousine company. fares information On this page you can charge your taxi rate with Toronto, ON taxi tariff. The results are all estimated and may differ based on outside conditions such as transport and weathers. Her last ticket price estimation had a mistake.

Packages and other fares can be found here. What does a taxi charge?

On this website given routes and ticket price calculation are only estimations. Tariffs are calculated on the basis of the tariffs issued by the local authorities for journeys within the town boundaries. Building, transport, weather, current tariff rises and other unforeseen circumstances may affect or change the ticket price.

Airport-Taxi YYZ Taxi Services

Besides all the great things you can see as a whole host, there is a lot to discover, either alone or through the eye of a very engaged people. Taxi cabs combine these two spheres of performance and convenience, giving drivers the chance to use the little amount of free space they have for some enjoyment.

When you are able to spend some alone hours, visit the Ontario Science Center for a stroll through one of the many favorite hands-on exhibitions that showcase the wonder of knowledge.

Toronto: Drive from Pearson Airport to the city centre

Wellcome to Toronto! The majority of the city's residents come to Pearson Airport and have to go inside. You will find most of Toronto's suggested hotel properties downtown: Look at Toronto: Arrival and departure for airport information and other types of arrival in the town. In this section we describe the most popular ways to get to the inner city:

Connections to the city centre are available from both airport terminal (T1 and T3) and all tariffs are valid from June 2015. With the exception of UP Express, take additional hours when you're in busy periods of heavy travel on working days from 6-9 and 16-19. When you are not going into the city, read the "Elsewhere" section at the end of this paper.

Following the taxi line signposts where you will be picked up by licenced taxi driver (ignore all driver approaching you inside the terminals, some pilots wear limousine driver uniform to deceive passengers); it is usually a very brief waiting time. Even though the waiting time in the taxi line is usually very limited, you can also reserve taxi service in advanced by phoning one of the taxi operators operating the airport.

You will be picked up at the previously agreed place in area B for Terminal 1 & Gate 29 for Terminal 3 of the airport, and of course you can also organise a return journey to the airport with the same name. Otherwise, you can return to the airport by calling a normal urban taxi - the measured inner center ticket price is usually $50-$70 plus tip, although you can also request a complimentary tip fee.

Taximeters work by both travel times and distances, so in busy situations the taximeter will probably be a better business. Are there too many persons or too much baggage for an airport limousine or a taxi? A lot of airport limousine operators also have mini vans (advance reservation recommended). There is no need to book in beforehand from the airport; just obey the limousine waiting line sign where there is usually a very brief waiting period.

Disregard all chauffeurs approaching you at the terminals. It is also possible to pre-arrange an airport limousine in both directions by phoning one of the limousine operators operating the airport. Usually they offer a reduced Flatrate, which is more favorable than the airport authorities, after you have called their offices, they will collect you at the previously agreed section of the airport.

Union Pearson Express (new from June 2015) will connect Union Station in Toronto city centre with Pearson International Airport in 25 min., with 15 minute services from 5:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. every 15 min. I' m getting on the train: Coming from Terminal 1 of the airport, please take the exit "Trains"; the railway is connected to the multi-storey car park and can be reached without going outside.

Arriving at the airport from Airport 3, please take the LINK Trains to Airport 1 (accessible again without going outside). Arriving at Terminals 1, the UP Express Plattform is right next to the LINK Express Plattform, a small dock. In the city centre the trains serve the Union Centre, in easy reach of the finance districts' hotel and from most others it is a fast taxi journey.

In order to find the UP Express within the Union Station, please obey the UP Express sign at the western end of the Great Hall on the main level. You will find the center at Skynowalk, a little further westwards from the tourist information center. Trains also stop at Weston (near Weston Rd. and Lawrence Avenue West) and Bloor (near Dundas East metro stop - about 15 minutes from Yonge & Bloor by metro).

I' ll pay for the train: Discount rates range from a $25 one-way pass for a 2 person and up to 3 child under 18 or a $12,000 "long layover" roundtrip ticket that allows you to drive from the airport to the city centre and back within 6hrs. Buy a $6 Praesto pass at the UP Express station counter and use it immediately on the trains - that would free you $6 per person on a UP Express round tour.

In most metro and tram stops, however, it is not yet acceptable for users to use a Praesto ticket as their main payment method for urban transport, so most users will not be able to use a Praesto ticket as their main payment method. For full tariff breakdown and further information, please visit the Union Pearson Express website.

Although there is no metro or rail connection to/from the airport, the airport is connected to the metro by regularly scheduled wheelchair-accessible coaches. Toronto's transportation system is secure and provides 365 day a year services from around 5:30 a.m. (8:30 a.m. on Sundays) to 1 a.m. on a scheduled basis. The airport is serviced by less frequented busses that run nightly.

It is the most convenient way to get to the city centre, which makes it very attractive to local people and airport staff. There are no carriers on subway trains or busses, however, except for the 192 Airport Rocket bus itself, and riders will not help with pockets, so the Trolley is not an excellent option if you have a lot of bags.

It is the quickest way to get to the city centre with train service from the airport to the metro stop named Kilpling. The airport is served every 8-15 min and is usually equipped with baggage trays. The 192 Airport Rocket Buss can be found at the bottom of both terminals (column RU in 1, C8-C12 in 3).

Change at the underground stop named Kopling (last stop of the bus) to the underground line Bloor/Danforth leading east. At the end of the line, trams from the city centre depart from both sides of the platforms. You can change to a southern metro at most inner -city hotel stops, either at St. George or Yonge stations.

Please be aware that not all metro stops have lifts or moving walkways, so you may need to take one or two of them. It is a suburban coach that travels through the northwestern part of the borough to take the underground at Lawrence West and Lawrence stops. When you drive down towards the inner cities, it's about 20 min slow than the 192 Airport Rocket, but it might be a good option for other parts of the neighborhood.

The 52A or Malton 52D-Bus can be intercepted at the bottom of one of the two terminals (column R 4 in clamp 1, rows C8-C12 in clamp 3). Be sure to take a eastward coach ("to Lawrence West" on the notice board or ask the driver) -- while at the airport turning around the 52A, the R52D will continue westwards!

From Lawrence West train stop, take the Yonge-University-Spadina Underground. Same busses operate the Lawrence Center further easter. 300A runs from the airport via Bloor St. West and Danforth Avenue, while 307 runs from Eglinton Avenue West. Both routes allow you to take the 320 Yonge Nightshuttle from Yonge Street to reach town.

Nightside busses only run every 20-30 min, so please check the above link for up-to-date timetables from the local transport company. It is possible to buy either your own token (from 1 January 2015, $2.80 each if you buy 3 or more) or a daily ticket ($11.50; for 1 adult Mon-Fri or a whole familiy on weekend and holidays) at some exchange offices within one of the two airport terminals.

There are two vending terminals in Terminals 1, close to the stop of the Technical Control Centre (TTC) at the "R" pillar, which sell individual ticket by coins or cards (Visa, MC or AmEx). "With this note, you can switch between roads at road height or get on the metro without having to paying again, provided you make a one-way journey.

TTC's website contains more information about TTC's airport operations, and Google Maps can be used to schedule Toronto airport transits. Hire counters are on the first storey of the multi-storey multi-storey terminals. Look at Toronto: On top of the rent, you should reckon on paying $20-$40/night for hotel parkings in the city.

Note that signs from the airport to various parts of the town, up to and inclusively the town centre, can be miserably insufficient for you. In order to get into the inner town, look for and take Highway 427 South, then the Gardiner Expressway West. On the eastbound drive on "The Gardiner" you will see the skyscrapers of the inner town.

When your goal is not located in the inner cities, you may need to hire a rental vehicle just to explore the town. The GO Transit has an hours fast service to Yorkdale and York Mills metro stops via Hwy 401. Busses only stop at Terminal 1. GO Transit tariff of $5. 00 (pay driver) does not cover transfers to TTC metros or busses, but if your final point is in the north of Toronto, this itinerary may be quicker than the above mentioned alternatives.

There is also a GO Transit hourly fast coach to Richmond Hill Centre (adult fare: $5.65). The GO busses only stop at Terminal 1. For those coming from Terminal 3, you can use the T1 line via hyperlink. The Mi-Way 7 routes connect the airport with the Square One shopping centre and the Mississauga City Centre.

They can still take a taxi or limousine from the airport lines. The Niagara Falls are 130 km (80 miles) from the airport. The Niagara Air-Bus, Toronto Airport Bus Transfer, Niagara Airport Lime and Airlink Lime offer a transfer from the airport or you can hire a vehicle (some landlords will let you park your vehicle in Toronto inner courtyard when you get back to town).

There are several other ways to get from the city centre - see Niagara Falls - A detour from Toronto.

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