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6/24Uber starts the battle to retain his London driver's license on Monday, 19.06.06 "Something must change": 6/3000 criminal were released for Uber-rivers. 6/2 thousand delinquents were released as over-drivers. 3/28Upper lobbyist wrote verbatim Bill, now Ohio Law, 2/19Taxi driver says he was assaulted fiercely after he drove pair in HarlemCBS-2NY

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Toronto after 13 assaults on taxi driver.

Toronto Metropolitan Patrol has detained three Toronto men for a spur of armed robbery of taxi cabmen. Toronto Metropolitan police reacted between August 26 and September 15 to 13 different occurrences with taxi riders from various businesses, each claiming to have been looted at arms. The Toronto spokesman for Toronto PD, Gary Long, said no one was hurt in any of the heists.

Taxi riders were mostly summoned to collect tickets at houses and colleges in the north-west of the town. Calls then made threatening gunfire against riders and stole money, debits, credit and mobile phones, IDs, and other valuables, said law enforcement in a Saturday press briefing.

On Monday, three men were apprehended by the local authorities in the context of the heists. Jermaine Edwards, 21 and Prince Awusu, 20, all from Toronto, are each indicted for 13 holdups with a gun. We also charge our customers for the unauthorised use of a bank account. These three men are to appear before a Toronto tribunal on Wednesday.

They believe that the men may be guilty of other holdups and ask all other casualties to report. Everyone who has information is asked to call the Crime Stoppers anonymally at 416-222-TIPS (8477) or call the Crime Stoppers at 416-808-3100.

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