Worldwide Jet Charter Flight Attendant

Jet Charter Flight Attendance Worldwide

The Worldwide Jet Charter is an established and stable industry leader in the provision of private on-demand flight services. over us In the course of his professional life, he was a flight trainer, holding positions in Eastern Europe where he managed and operated aeroplanes in worldwide missions, as well as Chief Pilot and Director of operations. Mr. Kaufman holds a B.A.

in Political Science and Communication from the University of California, Davis, and a Master of Business Administration from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

As well as his VP of Charter Operations and Chief Flight Scheduler, Mr. Avila is typetested and captains the CL-600 and Gulfstream G-IV/SP. Mr. Hughes has been purchasing and reselling aircraft since 1982, first as a seller for the Piper Aircraft dealer in San Diego, California.

Mr. Hughes was named Piper's sales partner for the West in 1985 and is in charge of the seven West States. Piper Aircraft Company went bankrupt in 1987 and disposed of its sales organization. Mr. Hughes went into self-employment and marketed only used aircraft. He began his aeronautical carrier in 1980 with his first FAA pilots assessment.

A passionate traveler, he later founded Center Travel, where he served as president and CEO of jet charter for some of the world's biggest musical and entertaining customers. Mr. Schiffman founded Ascent Jet Charter in 2003 and concentrated specifically on the charter jet market. "Mr. Schiffman is the right man with this approach to make your charter flight a smooth and cost-effective one.

Mr. Gaines contributes 23 years of aircraft servicing expertise to the business. Recognising that he wanted to extend his expertise to the operation of Part 135, he became Chief Inspector for an owner of Part 135. In two years, he was head of upkeep. Has worked in the 145, 135 and 91 areas and the Fortune 500 Flight Divisions and has more than 30 years of Gulfstream Aircraft combined with Challenger, Citation, Hawker to name a few.

Noel Fournier has more than 20 years aerospace industry expertise and will join the firm as VP of Commercial Operations. Noel has also been with a domestic fuels provider for the past eight years, which is in charge of distribution and commercial operations for its contracted fuels programme. He is passionate about the industry and has the capacity to build long-term relations, which is a welcome gain for the group.

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