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I work for Alaska Airlines: Discussion 286 Ratings In my capacity as a shop fitter, I am playing an important part in the operations of our maintenance and engineering organisation. I am positioned at the aerodrome and consist of a camp area. In charge of the reception, the request, the dispatch, the storage, the storage, the distribution and the record of parts, equipments and materials. In charge of assisting in-house and outside clients in the supply of parts, equipments and accessories.

Keep and stock parts and accessories. Driving a wide range of trucks, to include pick-up trucks, vans, panel vans, forklifts and lift trucks. Fulfill other related tasks as allocated or as the circumstances require.


Alaska Airlines cares about the enviroment and we find ways to innovate to reduce our services' impacts on the enviroment by cutting down our company's emission and wastes. For 7 consecutive years, the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) has classified Alaska Airlines as the most fuel-efficient airline in the United States.

In Alaska, 12-13% less petrol is burned (and 12-13% less CO2 is emitted) than the US vehicle emissions mean. Alaska Airlines and its affiliate Horizon Airlines also have the most extensive on-board recovery program of any U.S. alliance. Consider cutting your travelling expenses: What is an off-set? Although Alaska Airline's aircraft is already one of the most CO2-efficient in the sector, aviation still impacts our world.

Buying a CO2 compensation can help mitigate the effects of your flight's CO2 footprint by buying third-party approved CO2 reduction programs elsewhere in the US. What is this?

The last "Milk Run" of the unique 737 Combi from Alaska Airlines.

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