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Finnair Loyalty Partner for Alaska Airlines

Mileage Plan, Alaska Airlines' industry-leading Mileage Planoyalty Programme, today announces a new relationship with Finnair, Finland's premier airline. Mileage Plan and Finnair Plus members will be able to collect awards and mileage ( but not élite qualification miles) when traveling with the other airline, extending the airline's airline fidelity programs from Alaska to Scandinavia and from Finnair to the United States.

And Finnair is part of the Oneworld alliance and already has a good range in the United States through American Airlines, another ally. For Alaska, which has just combined its loyalties programme with Virgin America and has major growth projects, the relationship is more interesting. Mileage Plan has a variety of partner companies where it is possible to collect and issue mileage, among them a fistful of the worldwide Emirates African programmes located in Dubai and Hainan located in Haikou, China.

A number of blogs last year pointed out that it is possible to achieve Fast track élite ratings by taking Hainan and collecting points on Alaska through large bonus payments. Some praised Mileage's plan for great entry to the Emirates Premier Award, although this relationship was quashedlest last year. However, Mileage Plan has so far declined to join a majorstream alliance.

By including Finnair in its Fidelity Programme partner list, Alaska could signal its interest in continuing to join the American and Oneworld Alliances. It is already possible to collect and redeem mileage between America and Alaska. Split credits between Alaska and Delta, on the other side, are planned to end this months as this relation cooled.

These airlines have argued several times in the past year when Delta wants to extend its activities on the Seattle coastline and Alaska wants to uphold them. Alaska' s Mileage Plan and Finnair Plus have at least one more airline to look forward to. But if the trace theory goes on, the remainder of Oneworld could soon see a mate.

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