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Booking a helicopter

The helicopter service starts from Katra at the foot of the mountain and the flight takes you to Sanjhichatt. Helicopter Booking Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Devi Online. Vaishno Mata Devi Heli Tour Helicopter Services, Vaishno Devi Katra Tour, Vaishno Devi Devi Helicopter Tour. Renting a helicopter gives you a flexible itinerary so you can enjoy a VIP service while benefiting from an efficient means of transport. This is the world's cheapest on-demand helicopter booking platform.

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The helicopter service starts from Katra at the foot of the mountain and the plane takes you to Sanjhichatt. 1. Yatra Register Slip is obligatory for the use of helicopter tickets at the helicopter counter at the helicopter. For the actual booking a proof of identity of all members of the familiy (who want to use a Heli-Ticket) is necessary.

Evidence of travelling papers by air/rail/bus/taxi is necessary, such as train/bus tickets or any other evidence. You have to be careful that outs/travel agencies don't accept helicopter ticket cash. Log in with your username and passphrase, click on Helicopter Services, choose date, itinerary, number of passengers, flight times, etc. You have now finished your booking.

Notice: In the event that the subotee has not removed the printout from the booking or if a issue occurs during the operation. Importantly, the subotee should verify their status in Successful Transaktion details, Focused Transaktion details, and Refund Status of Focused Transaktion Details by logging in to the Online Services on our website with their proper user name and passphrase before retrying a trade or performing a new trade.

When your booking is clearly visible in the successful booking detail, you do not need to make the same booking again. When your transactions are clearly visible in the failed transactions detail, then your transactions may have failed status and no reservations will be allocated for the failed transactions.

If the amount was subtracted from the bank and the transactions are displayed in the âFailed Transaktion details or Refund Status of Failed Transaktion detailsâ, then the transactions may have the error state and no reservations are made for the failed transactions. Possible reimbursements against the error transactions will be made on-line in due course to the relevant credit cards of the subdelegate.

An application for reimbursement may not be made beyond the specified time. Any passenger who reports beyond these periods will be considered a âNO SHOWâ, no refunds against the NO SHOW ticket. Helicopters shall be operated in good conditions, with a clear view of the distance required by the DTM CA and with ATC-approval.

On-line bookings made after booking will not be voided, postponed or prebooked. For helicopter fares purchased on-line in the Katra â" Sanjichatt- Katra area, however, the following guidelines on helicopter cancellations and refunds apply: On-line helicopter ticketing made through the Shrine Office website will only be canceled through the on-line mode available on the Shrine Office website.

An application for cancelation of on-line helicopter ticket may not be made in any manner other than on-line cancelling. Under no circumstances will the application for such a reversal by proximity to one of SMVDSB's ticket desks by physically manufacturing ticket etc. be considered. If Yatris have purchased their helicopter ticket through the Shrine Board website, they can revoke their helicopter ticket on-line by signing in to the website with their user name and keyword.

70 percent of the fare will be returned to the Yatris who purchased their helicopter passes through the Shrine's website and then cancel their flights for any reason on-line. The balance of 30% of the reserved fare will be charged to the Shrine as a handling fee.

Cancellations can be made up to (and not later than) 04 workingdays before the scheduled date of departure. Refunds are usually made by the shrine administration within 15 workingdays after the ticket is cancelled. Reimbursement will be refunded on-line to the same debit/credit bank that was used for the ticket booking transactions.

The full reimbursement of the airfares shall only be made in the event of the helicopter operation being cancelled for weather-related reason at the end of the helicopter operation. Air travellers are asked to personally present their on-line helicopter tickets to the relevant helicopter operators against due acknowledgement of the on-line reimbursement. After booking the tickets are not assignable.

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