Servicio de Taxi Uber

Taxi service Uber

You have the possibility to take a taxi or a motorway. I' m a transport service, I' m a client. Were you supposed to be Uber or Cabify in Mexico?

Like in many towns around the globe, taxi riders in Mexico loathe about. However, for many local and foreign travellers in Mexico's major towns and cities, driving has become the ideal transport option, especially in places where road cabs are sometimes seen as insecure bystanders. Mr Rafael Bessa, Chief Executive Officer and proprietor of Rafael Bessa Signature, a PR and advertising firm headquartered in London and Sao Paulo as well as Belo Horizonte in Brazil, agreed.

And Jovani Velazco, a Corad agent, a DMC located in Mexico City, is recommending Uber and another similar auto company - Cabify - to overseas guests. It is active in several Mexican towns, among them Aguascalientes, Chihuahua, Cuernavaca, Guadalajara, Merida, Mexicali, Mexico City, Monterrey, Puebla, San Miguel de Allende and Tijuana. Cabify, established in 2011, is active in 10 Latin American and 25 Spanish and Portuguese markets and 25 Mexican markets, with offices in Guadalajara, Leon, Merida, Mexico City, Monterrey, Puebla, Queretaro and Toluca.

Cabify and Uber both work with a similar file type using applications and automated accounting. Cabify's Executive and Lite services allow riders to provide mineral waters and newspapers to customers. Cabify Fly also provides a Cabify Fly class, offering on-demand planes and helicopters for up to six people. Mexico City's services also include barrier-free travel onboard Peugeot mini vans with four people and docks.

In Queretaro, Cabify is offering a pets optional with which fursome boyfriends can be transported along with up to two people. Esencia RP, a PR company based in Mexico City, is also recommended by Diana Miller, founding director of Esencia RP, for Mexico City attendees, although she finds that services are not always flawless. She says that she has had some good experience with Uber that would never have occurred with a normal taxi.

Go or go with Uber in Santo Domingo.

No matter if you drive to work, to the airports or to the city, Uber combines you with a dependable journey in a few toutes. Full and part-time Santo Domingo contractor positions give you the freedom to work as much or as little as you want. Über will take good care of all the detail so you can concentrate on your motoring when it works for you.

About is passionately interested in making your town better. That is why we work with tens of millions of locals who keep Santo Domingo in motion. Collectively, we strengthen the community's economies, help make roads safe from drunken drivers, and promote a less polluted world. About is not a transport company. Package prices are applicable for non-stop journeys between certain places.

During periods of strong market demands, our tariffs vary over the years to keep our cars available.

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