Private Helicopter Flights

Helicopter private flights

You can find out how far a private helicopter can fly here. Mono-engine helicopters are cheaper to book and are ideal for short trips such as airport transfers and short private trips. Twin-engine helicopters offer more interior space, faster transport and more stability. Experience New York City from all sides in your own private helicopter! You can choose between an afternoon or night flight and see New York City from a fantastic air.

A private tour: Lissabon helicopter flight 2018

Her private helicopter ride will take her from the helipad in Lisbon. Familiarise yourself with your experienced pilots and then buckle into your breathtaking helicopter, a car for the Portuguese skies. Select from one of three private trips, for an memorable adventure. Discover Lisbon morning or afternoon (15 minutes): From above in the skies you can see the Tejo far below you.

Slide through the warm sky and take a look at the 25 April bridge that spans the Tagus and links Lisbon to Almada. 25 min. after seeing Lisbon from a completely new viewpoint, your trip ends at the Lisbon helicopter port. Morning or afternoon Estoril and Cascais tours (20 minutes): You have seen the centre of Lisbon, but don't miss the breathtaking coastal line that links the centre with the seaside resort of Cascais.

Catch the glittering sands, jagged coast rocks and Lisbon in all its splendour. In 20 min you will be back at your point of origin. From your Lisbon helicopter, get on your helicopter and traverse the famous Tagus River while it shines in the summer months. Then you can see the Atlantic Ocean shimmering in the light of the day as you make your way back to your Lisbon base.

After 30 unforgettable moments landing in the skies.

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PRIVATE CHAIR MANAGEMENT IS AT YOUR DISPOSAL AT ANY TIME! Maverick Aviation Group provides private one-stop aircraft charters from Maui and Kauai for corporate, private or commemorative occasions. When your group needs luxurious helicopter transport, Maverick provides choices to meet all needs and budget. Every airline gets the highest level of care and support to make sure that every part of the journey, both in the skies and on the ground, is on the spot and runs seamlessly.

All our aircrafts are equipped with the latest comfort, which includes large window, air-conditioned cabin, speech controlled cabin communications and outstanding sound attenuation functions. The Airbus EC-130 helicopter ("ECO-Stars") is in service: Favorite user-defined charters are among others: If you opt for a private charters with the Maverick Aviation Group, you will enjoy state-of-the-art voyages aboard the world's newest and most progressive ECO Star helicopter family.

The Maverick Aviation Group's seasoned pilot and expert personnel guarantee the security and servicing of your private aircraft. No matter whether you are on holiday for work, on the big match or on a romatic trip with your particular partner, our charters division will work with you to provide a tailor-made travelling adventure to meet your needs.

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