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Lankan Airlines

Favourite Mihin Lanka International Flights The Mihin Lanka is a low cost low cost carrier operated by the Sri Lankan Government and located in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Founded in 2006, the company began operating in 2007 and has its own aviation hubs for intercontinental traffic at Bandaranaike Airport. In addition, it uses the Mattala Rajapaksa in Hambantota airport as a base for inland travel.

Committed to its goal of "transporting travellers to their destinations as cheaply and conveniently as possible", the company believe in an incomparable passenger Experience. It' the only low-cost carrier to offer you a free on-board menu and free luggage. You have received many accolades for your services, such as the Low Costs Airlines of the Year 2011 at the Bangladesh Monitor Award.

As part of its global service and as a result of its partnerships with SriLankan Airlines, the company serves the sub-continent of India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, as well as a number of other routes. Middle East travelers can embark from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Muscat, Sharjah, Bahrain and Kuwait. Clients can use the Carrier's website to make a Mihin Lanka reservation with many payment and reservation management option.

A passenger can arrive at the aerodrome 3 hrs before the start of the journey. Those who need extra support can call the sales office and are supported by the airline's people. Regulations for unsupervised children, expectant mothers and young children on the vessel are also available on the carrier's website.

Please contact the airline's call centre with the information on this page for further information. The service on aboard includes a periodic meals, which is part of the cost of the tickets, and you can upgrad if you wish. Like already stated, this company offers a free luggage amount, and you can find the free luggage amount of Mihin Lanka there.

A traveller who flies from Dubai to Singapore, for example, can have 40 kg of baggage checked in as free baggage.

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