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content The Air Lanka was founded as a Sri Lankan flagship after the Sri Lankan authorities closed the Air Ceylon bankruptcy. 13 ] Air Lanka's first squadron comprised two Boeing 707s that had been rented from Singapore Airlines. The rental contract ended on 24 April 1980; Air Lanka was given a spare Boeing 737 rented from Royal Brunei.

Air Lanka began wide-body operation on 1 November 1980 with a Lockheed L1011-1 Tristar hired from Air Canada. Air Lanka was given its own L1011 trimar on 15 April 1982, bought by All Nippon Airways. HAECO took over service of the two Air Lanka own trimesters on 1 May 1982, while Air Canada retained two lease trimesters.

Air Lanka on 28 March 1980 concluded a contract for the sale of two all-new Lockheed L1011-500 Tristars, the most modern wide-body airliner in the history of the family. They flew to Amsterdam as UL 566P. 4R-ULA "City Of Colombo" took off on its maiden voyage from Amsterdam to Colombo as UL566 on 28 August.

Aeroplanes were used on flights to Europe and some flights to South East Asia. Sri Lanka purchased 6 Airbus A330-200s to supplement its Airbus A340-300 and A320-200 family. Sri Lankan converted its current Airbus fleet of A340s to a two-class layout (Business and Economy) and overhauled the cabin to match the new look.

Sri Lanka began its flight to Jeddah, its third Saudi Arabia stop, Riyadh and Dammam, as regional growth continued, bringing the number of Middle East stops to nine. Sri Lanka acceded to the Oneworld on 1 May 2014. In 2014, it began renewing and expanding its aircraft by purchasing Airbus A330 and A350 series.

Sri Lanka currently has a full Airbus aircraft fleets with the exclusion of the suspended air taxi service. 25 ] Sri Lanka retired its last Airbus A340-300 with the last regular service from Chennai to Colombo on 7 January 2016. In October 2016, the company took over the operation of its affiliate Mihin Lanka to establish a strong domestic company for Sri Lanka.

Accordingly, Sri Lanka took over two Mihin Lanka planes and took over the entire railways. SriLankan started in October 2017 offering non-stop flights to Melbourne, Australia, the first new long-haul service in over five years and the most challenging ever. After a break of 16 years, the flights re-establish a scheduled non-stop service between Australia and Sri Lanka[26].

Initially the paintwork included scarlet streaks on a blank hull, the cock was a strong reddish and carried the company emblem, a stylized vapana, local known as "dandu monara", the flight engine of the mythic Lanka Emperor Ravana. 27 ] This was the airline's only paint job for nearly two decennia, from January 1979 to October 1998.

SriLankan Airlines had been in relationship with Emirates for decades, but the paintwork was altered to a much easier one, with a pure pink hull decked with clear red "SriLankan" title and a stern decorated with the new company emblem. An Airbus A330 and an Airbus A320 painted in a specific one-world colour were shipped in May 2014 to remind the public of the airline's founding as an one-world member.

Aeroplanes recently shipped have been repainted with a new design that accompanies a lower belly bluish tagline that promotes Sri Lanka as a travel destination. In addition, the design has been repainted with a new logo. The SriLankan Group is a fully owned SriLankan airline company that provides airline gastronomy to all carriers operating at Bandaranaike International Airport. Other business areas included aeronautical MRO[ 28], groundhandling services[29], vacation packages[30], aeronautical training[31] and IT relatedervices.

Currently SriLankan runs an on-line 40 destination sharing and codesharing programme with other carriers to offer connectivity to 114 towns in 48 states. Sri Lanka is currently the biggest international carrier flying to India in destination and serves 14 towns. The SriLankan Cargo company provides special cargo handling on the following routes:

In 1992, the carrier took delivery of its first Airbus plane, the Airbus A320-200, which began operating to the airline's Maldives, Pakistan and South India sub-region. Airbus A340-300s were ordered during the period of President Premadasa, the first Airbus was delivered in 1994. Airbus A330-200s were shipped during President Chandrika's term of office.

All SriLankan's long-haul fleets offer full flatbed seating with Audio Visual on Demand (AVOD) equipment. Sri Lanka provides economy seating amusement with all its wide-body jets and the overwhelming bulk of narrow-bodyers. Nevertheless, this arrangement expired with the conclusion of the twinning between the two carriers on 31 March 2008.

Sri Lanka then started SkySmiLes, which has since added a large number of new premium partner countries to its programme. Better member benefits on board all Oneworld carriers. All Oneworld, Cinnamon Air and Etihad Airways as well as non-airlines such as Abans and Spa Ceylon are members of SkySmiles. Of the six planes devastated and all fatalities of SriLankan Airline personnel and passenger reports, five were the outcome of the Sri Lankan war.

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