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Accomplish your London experience with a ride in one of the city's black taxis. We are an innovative and environmentally oriented taxi service. London's 24-hour taxi service The service we provide is 24 h a day, every individual working day each year. Our logisticians are on duty at all times of the morning to manage the entire vehicle park to make sure that our customers and our driver are satisfied! Remain stress-free by realizing that a member of your household or boyfriend will be able to trace where you are on your itinerary.

Don't worry if you are too late because our driver will be happy to collect you due to our tip-hold time. Our services can easily meet your commercial or familial needs. All our vehicles are also equipped with the latest technology, telephone charging devices and Wi-Fi, so you are always in touch with the communication.

Our riders are also expertly qualified - only 25 per cent of the top performers can be driven by our clients. Since our riders are such an important part of our service, we make sure they know the streets of London well. As well as these benefits, we also have a dedicated driving analyst staff to ensure that our service is constantly improved.

Please click through to our driver area for further information. Protecting the enviroment and our clients is in our DNS. Ethics means taking care of our clients, the enviroment, the community as well as the work place. Those columns are vital to be the best in what we do and at the same time to contribute to London's people.

The Best Taxi Apps: About alternative ways to get you a taxi in London.

Many Londoners will ask themselves what other ways there are to explore the city after the message that Transport for London will not extend Uber's licence after 30 September. Of course there is the famed London Black Cab, but many clients want the comfort of being able to order a trip via an application and make payment with a saved credit car.

Luckily, there are many other London based companies that can provide a similar service. Using inTaxi, you actually apply for a London Black cab, so you don't have to walk the street to find a free taxi that can stop you. Storing map information in the application makes payment fast and simple, and you can receive an email confirmation directly to your in-box when you arrive at your final destination. Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android, you can see within the application where your taxi is on its way to you.

In fact, your chauffeur will even be waiting a few moments for you to get there at no extra cost, perfectly suited to say goodbye to your mates. Available in nine towns across the UK, Gett is similar to myTaxi. Just like his rivals, you are requesting a trip in a London Black Cab, and Gett is promising some of the quickest pick-up time.

The more points you score, the better the rider you'll be driving with will be.

Although you can save map information to help your drivers if you don't have money, you can also use any free exchange you have in your purse. You' ll no doubt have seen Addison Lee taxis in London. Privately owned taxi rental companies offer 4G Wi-Fi in all their vehicles and telephone charging devices and always offer firm rates and no overcharging.

Pickup time may be slightly longer than some of its competitors, but Addison Lee is proud of the service you get when your vehicle arrives. Cabins can be reserved up to three month in advanced and the airline also provides its own same-day and next-day delivery service.

Determine your pick-up place and pick-up target, order a vehicle and you're on your way. Taxiify says that different kinds of automobiles are available, but from our short period of using the App, only a 4 seater auto has been made available. They can also recommend a friend to register for the service and receive £3 for their first trip.

As soon as you have completed a journey, you will receive your own free travel. Evaluate your driver and see your driving progress within the application available for Android and ifOS.

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