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Ex Facebook executive says she was molested sexual on the Alaska Airlines plane ride - and the participants did nothing.

The Silicon Valley CEO Randi Zuckerberg described a recent Alaska Air trip in which a man was making unambiguous statements about her.... Carrier skipped the man's travelling restrictions while investigating. An Alaska Airlines encrypted Thursday to examine a allegation of molestation on one of its flights, which became viral within the corporate world.

On Wednesday, Randi Zuckerberg, a Silicon Valley leader, described how a man flying to Alaska that night continually made sexual explicitly and obscene remarks about her and others in the first-class section while being offered several alcohol beverages - and that the cabin crew had rejected their complaint. Zuckerberg, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg's sibling and former leader at the firm, sent a note outlining her experiences with Alaska's top executives and published it on Facebook.

"To feel angry, repulsed and humiliated after an Alaska Airlines trip during which the person next to me made repetitive obscene, unreasonable and insulting sex comments to me," Zuckerberg said. It has also abandoned the travelling rights of the masculine passengers while continuing its investigation. However, on the plane from Los Angeles to Mazatlán, Mexico, Zuckerberg found little sympathy, although she and her fellow officer told the cabin crew about the man's behaviour.

The man received several alcohol beverages during the three-hour trip and kept harassing them all the while. Said that a cabin hostess had volunteered to move her to another place in the back of the aircraft, but refused. Alaska Airlines Deputy Director of Public Affairs Andrea Schneider said Thursday that the airline cannot provide commentary on the detail of the event until it has concluded an inquiry, which includes interviewing crews and other near travelers.

However, what Zuckerberg described was "really worrying for us," Schneider said. Said she was unaware that sexually harassing on aboard was "a very frequent occurrence". Mr Schneider said that Alaska's cabin crew "by and large do an incredible amount of work that tackles a wide range of conditions in a truly, truly professionally and competently way" and are skilled to deal with in-flight disruptions and reduce tension in a wide range of conditions.

However, through the currently increased consciousness of molestation, "we can find out that there is a way to train more specifically," Schneider said. As Sara Nelson, Chairman of the Association of Air Lines Attendants of the CWA Association, says, the event is more than a Alaska Airlines issue. Said that a trade unions poll last year showed that the vast majority of cabin crew had no advice or education from airlines on how to deal with sexually harassed people.

Tucker, who has almost 50 years of flying companion practice, said she sometimes had to struggle with such annoyances with people. Said that stewards are obliged to notify the pilot of any disruptive behaviour in the occupant compartment, whether physically or verbally, and to seek the pilot's opinion.

However, once your behaviour becomes intolerable, if you are a visitor to my home, I would ask you to go. "If you don't want the cops hitting that plane and arresting you, you'd better behave," she said.

Ever since the New York Times in October released accusations of sex ually harassing and assaulting Hollywood tycoon Harvey Weinstein, several men in Hollywood, political and press circles have been confronted with accusations that range from sex malpractice to sexually assaulted women.... What effect did the #MeToo talk and sexually harassing have on you? No matter whether you work in technology, governance, communications, finance, art or any other area, has sexist or sexist abuse affected you or the cultural environment in which you work?

Said the most amazing thing about Zuckerberg's bankroll is her allegation that the man's behaviour from earlier flights was known as Problematical. "She sees the treatment of molestation as part of the security record. They also welcome society's new emphasis on coping with molestation. There is no central data base for cases of sexually harassing, assault and malpractice on aircraft, which makes it hard to know how often they happen.

FBI carried out 58 studies on alleged sexually assaulted aircraft from January to September 2016, up from 40 throughout 2015, the office said. An attorney specializing in air travel litigation, Andrew Maloney, said Alaska Airlines could be found legally responsible for Zuckerberg's portrayal of the event.

Said it seemed the carrier couldn't keep her from the plane rider.

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