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All about Macbook Air

In fact, MacBook Air was the first Mac laptop to offer SSD storage. Today, Apple's MacBook Air is the only notebook sold by the company that doesn't have a retina display. With MacBook Air, everything you need to know! The MacBook Air 2008 was unveiled by Steve Jobs, who pulled it out of a sealed cover to show off its exceptional thickness. MacBook Air is Apple's smallest and lightweight notebook.

MacBook Air, upgraded in March 2015, features a 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core 5 CPU. While the 11 in. can work up to nine consecutive hour without charging, the 13 in. can run an astonishing 12 hour without plugging in.

Further characteristics are Intel HD 6000 graphic, 4 GB memory and 128 GB memory as well as 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, Thunderbolt 2 and two 3.0 sockets. In addition, the 13-inch version includes an SDXC memory cartridge socket for simple camera and camcorder upload. MacBook Air is small in scale and has a relatively slow processor, but it's lightning-fast thanks to its dependency on PCIe-based memory instead of a conventional disk.

The MacBook Air was indeed the first Mac notebook to feature Sony Digital Drive (SSD) technology. Although the basic MacBook Air has relatively little space and space, you can order it with a quicker processor and up to 8GB of random access RAM and 512GB of built-in flash drive, making it a great choice for Mac road Warrior.

Because it' s Apple's smallest notebook, MacBook Air doesn't save on feature sets, and that's certainly not a slow little notebook computer. It' s racetrack pad and illuminated keypad are the same sized as any other Mac notebook, and it comes with the same basic package as any other Mac, making it step-by-step compatible with any other Mac in functions and functions.

MacBook Air has long been the first port of call for Mac buyers who value mobility and low weights, and Apple has established the standards that the remainder of the business follows when it comes to making a lighter, more efficient computer that works.

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