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About Alaska Airlines: Alaska Airlines is a major airline in the United States headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Alaska Airlines route planner Timetables shown are changeable at any given moment and neither we nor FlightGlobal shall be responsible for any losses, damages or expenses arising out of mistakes or omissions in any of the Timetables shown. Take advantage of this brief trip to use this chart and air travel searching utility. You can use the top button to browse.

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About Alaska Airlines

The Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air companies, Alaska Air Group affiliates, together operate more than 90 destinations in Alaska, Lower 48, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico through an extensive global airport distribution system. In January 2019, Alaska Airlines will adjust the Albuquerque flight schedule as the carrier will cancel the San Francisco Bay flight. In November 2018, Alaska Airlines will terminate the Los Angeles - Mexico City flight which is currently operated twice a day by Boeing 737-800s.

From March 2019, Alaska Airlines will add Columbus in Ohio, where the carrier plans a flight to Seattle - Columbus every day..... At the beginning of January 2019, Alaska Airlines will close the San Francisco - Ft. lauderdale line, which will be operated every day during the 2018/19 winters. At the beginning of this months, Fiji Airways extended its code -share with Alaska Airlines to cover their services through San Francisco.

In September 2018, Alaska Airlines will terminate the San Francisco - Indianapolis flight, which is currently offered once a week. The line is run by.... On Tuesday (June 19, 18) Alaska Airlines today announces an extended flight to Hawaii, where the carrier is planning to launch the Sacramento - Kona flight....... As of June 2018, Alaska Airlines will introduce Airbus' Airbus A319/320/321 jets on various routes step -by-step and on schedule, among them flight....

In May 2018, Emirates Airlines extended its code -share with Alaska Airlines and JetBlue Airways to cover new routes.... In the second half of 2018, Alaska Airlines will adjust its operating base, which will be phased out. At the end of this months, Finnair will start a code -share with Alaska Airlines to cover the US national San Francisco route.

Scheduled code share.... Last Alaska Airlines updated last week's timetable changed scheduled flight on Los Angeles - New York JFK and San Francisco - New..... From next months, Singapore Airlines is planning to extend its codeshare partnership with Alaska Airlines, which will cover the services of Singapore Airlines to Mexico. At the beginning of this weeks event, Alaska Airlines and Quantas as partners, announce that the company will extend its code -share services with Alaska Airlines, beginning May 20, 18.

On Wednesday, Alaska Airlines today announces the extension of its transcontinental services to New York, with new connections from Seattle, and new services to.... From May 2018, Cathay Pacific will expand its code-share with Alaska Airlines and offer added services via San Francisco. The Alaska Airlines airline will close another 2 routes in 2018, among them flights to/from St. Louis and Denver.

Routes affected as follows.......................................................... An Alaska Airlines main seasonal flight adds 2nd day Seattle - Nashville flight, which runs from 18 June 18 to 25 August 18. An Alaska Airlines airline will end operations on 4 routes in the 2018 summer, operating Virgin America and Skywest planes. As of May 2018, Qantas is planning to extend its code -share with Alaska Airlines, as the deal covers Virgin America's services....

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