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Selling 4 passenger aircraft

The AirplanesUSA presents this flawless Lancair IV on the market. There are 1737 single engine piston aircraft for sale. It can fly for two hours in just 15 liters of gasoline. One four-seater backcountry aircraft for all your passengers and equipment, starting at $72,050. 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · 6.

Aircraft fleet at Princeton Flying School

The Princeton Flying School has one of the region's biggest aircraft fleets. The aircraft are used for aircraft education and rental. Cessna 152 - (2 passengers) You must be less than 6' and less than 175 lbs. and you must be a citizen of the city.

172P Cessna - (4 passengers) These planes are an early models. 172R Cessna & S - (4 passengers) These aircraft are newer with injected engine and newer anvionics. Aircraft rental: After a thorough check-out, all aircraft mentioned above can be hired. Certain aircraft need extra instructions to comply with the policy requirement.

Longer rental times can be agreed upon after previous arrangement. Just call the Princeton Flying School dispatching counter and one of our trainers will meet our check-out requirements. Want to conserve your valuable travel experience? Just go to the airports, check in and get our Aircraft Checklist.

Foreign planes to be careful: United States is a member of ICAO (International Civilian Aviation Organization), which tries to make it easier to fly in different foreign licensed states. Often flyers come to the United States because it is cheaper to fly. The front page will show you the "Foreign Pilots" and the procedure to follow before checking out with our coaches.

The Cessna Citation Mustang: Buyer and Investor Guide

Cessna Citation' Mustang is aiming to fetch great cab comfort to the very lightweight blast furnace industry. Just like the personal aircraft model Hardis, it is ideal for reducing the amount of travel times on short-haul flights. This Cessna Citation Mustang is a well-built small plane that can transport two or three people for a few comfortable hour.

A Citation Mustang could be the ideal plane if you frequently travel shorter routes, such as London to Nice. That the Citation Mustang is loved in the charters industry says everything you need to know about the value and effectiveness of the Citation. Because of the low reach of the Cessna Citation Mustang it is a special purpose airplane.

The Citation Mustang, first offered at the top of the corporate aircraft scene, got off to a good launch, but it has definitely seen a drop in sales (as have its nearest rivals, Embraer's Phenom 100 and Eclipse 500). It' really difficult to find a lot of mistakes with the Mustang when it is so much cheaper than its major rivals, but if you put an additional $2 million in your purse, you may find that the Mustang looks pretty modest compared to some of the more powerful - and slightly bigger - lightweight jumpers.

Citation Mustang is - together with Cessna's unbelievably beloved Excel/XLS range - the National Business Aviation Association's gold kid. Wherever the Association - and its No Plane No Gain campaigns - sell the advantages of short-haul flights in a personal plane to small and medium enterprises in the U.S., they describe the advantages of the Mustang effective.

One Cessna Citation Mustang run by GlobeAir. One of the co-founders of Charterscanner, an on-line yacht charters brokers, Igor Alekhin, says that many of the company's new charters often have no clue that it is possible to fly for one in Europe with a Mustang from 3,000 or 4,000 Euros.

He says, however, that they are often just as amazed when they see how small the plane is. In September 2006, the Mustang was granted full approval by the Federal Aviation Administration, the first shipment followed in April 2007. Cessna was forced to decelerate output of the Mustang - as well as the Citation CJ2, CJ3 and CJ4 - but the airframe maker seems to have survived the tempest after joining forces with a revived Beechcraft under the new Textron Aviation sign.

Citation Mustang has a max operating distance of 1,207 nm, which means that it is mainly used for carrying passenger on a flight not exceeding one hours. Citation Mustang has a max elevation of 41,000 feet - which is higher than most commercially available planes - and it will take 27 min. for the plane to achieve this elevation.

Two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW615F turboprop turbofans fitted in rear tail pod compartments power the plane. The Cessna Citation Mustang interior. One of the biggest cabs in its category, the Mustang is 9 feet 9 in length, 4 feet 5 in height and 63 feet per square foot of luggage area.

However, for someone who has never flew a VLJ before, the interior of a Mustang will never seem more roomy - and certainly not more luxury - than a BMW or Jaguar. The Mustang, made in Independence, Kansas, offers room for four occupants in its default layout (or five occupants at the touch of a button) with enough room for a side-facing toilet (sealed by a detachable curtain) and two drivers in the dashboard, but, like most TLJs, is certified to operate with a soloilot.

In contrast to the Phenom 100 there is not enough room in the Citation Mustang to store your ski. Insulation of the wall is good and Cessna maintains that this helps to create an overall calm cab interior even when the plane is traveling at high speeds. Above each seating position there are ventilation openings and read-out lamps which can be adjusted and which are located next to folding desks.

New Mustang has a listed value of $2.7 million. Textron Financial Corporation, part of Cessna's mother organization, has, however, supported the financing of Mustangs around the globe. Mustang has proven its worth with aerial taxis, such as Blink in the UK and GlobeAir in Austria. "Citation Mustang was the first airplane that gave us the chance to get into the aerial taxis hype," says Bernhard Fragner, CEO of GlobeAir.

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