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Here you will find information about airports around the world as well as private aircraft available for international charter flights. The travel adventure with a blank gloves begins when an exclusive VIP van collects you from your front doorstep and takes you directly to your luxurious private jet.

The travel adventure with a blank gloves begins when an exclusive VIP van collects you from your front doorstep and takes you directly to your luxurious private jet. As soon as you board, take in a calming warm bath towel and freshen up and get ready for your journey. With our state-of-the-art BAJ programme, members can make their own seamless bookings for luxurious travel with a simple and comfortable on-line reservation system.

Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. International Private Jet Airports.

The Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. Acts as agent for Air Charter Services on behalf of our clients. Stratos Jet Charters selects all aircraft and airlines that are fully licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation in accordance with Part 135 Regulations. The airlines are exclusively in charge of the air transport agreed on behalf of Stratos Jet Charters' customers.

Straatos Jet Charters does not own or fly any aircraft. The Stratos Jet Charters is not a directly or indirectly owned airline. Stratos Jet Charters flights are managed by Part 135 airlines. 2007-2018 STRATOS JET CHARTER, INC.

Charter flights - What you should know

International charter planes are a little more complex than your usual charter plane between the states. International travel is subject to custom formalities, travel item limitations and international surcharges. FAA has a number of regulations for charter air travel to and from the United States. Depending on the type of land or geographic area you are coming from, your timetable may be determined.

It would be advisable for those who plan to travel outside the United States to revise some of the international charter flight regulations. Designed for those wishing or considering chartering a jet to the US or Virgin Islands, Mexico, the Caribbean and the Atlantic Coast; these charter services are governed by special customs landing regulations.

United States Customs has introduced notification procedure for all private aircraft that arrive in the United States from a remote Western Hemisphere base just below 30 parallel US beam to avoid drugs trafficking, as well as for charter aircraft that arrive in the United States from the Pacific coast just below 33 parallel US beam.

Such charter airlines must report their intention to US Customs and MUST arrive at one of thirty-one identified airport closest to the frontier or coast line. IRS defines international charter services as - any charter service that does not begin or end in the United States or the "225 miles zone" or is continuous international traffic.

Incoming and outgoing charter services that satisfy the above definitions of an international charter service are not covered by the 7.5% FET that is common on all US national charter services. The international charges levied by overseas government may be applicable to international charter travel outside the United States.

225 miles zone" above is only valid for charter services in either Canada or Mexico and not for the islands of the Caribbean. However, the "225 miles zone" above is only valid for charter services in Canada or Mexico. Therefore, a charter from the United States to Jamaica or Grand Tortola would not be covered by FET. On the other hand, a Monterrey Mexico trip within the 225-mile zone would be liable to internal excise duty.

For international charter travel, passengers must bring their current government-issued passports or visas with them. It also applies to international charter services within the 225-mile area. We also have specific regulations for the charter jet operations of all US and foreign charter airlines.

The international legal framework regulates the operative aspect of charter air travel between two or more states. That means that charter planes chartered by the USA must respect the legislation of the state in which they are flying. For international flight operations, it is important to respect the international charter flight legislation as a breach may lead to confiscation of the aeroplane.

A breach that could lead to the confiscation of a charter jet would be "cabotage". Every state has its own set of regulations regarding cabin operating limitations, so it is important that the pilots and crews know the regulations of each state before flying. In order to guarantee a trouble-free international jet charter trip, you should make your charter booking with a competent and respected charter airline or charter airline.

Having so many businesses able to provide jet charter services, it is advisable to choose a serious company with skilled and expert charter agent whom you can rely on. We at Stratos Jet Charters have vast international charter flight expertise and would be delighted to become your national and international charter airline resources.

For private or group charter arrangements, please call Stratos Jet Charters at (888) 593-9066. Jet charter representatives are available around the clock to offer you several private jet offers for your on-demand outing.

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