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Partner Alaska Airlines Award Charts. With miles from Alaska Airlines you can fly Condor from the USA to Africa, Europe and the Middle East. At Alaska Air, the company begins to merge with Virgin America, promising "more to love".

Alaska Air Group on Wednesday marked the completion of its takeover of San Francisco-based Virgin America, a move that took place just one weeks after clearance by the U.S. Department of Justice. On Wednesday, the aircraft, which had been decorated in reds, purples and blues with the motto "More to love", left Seattle for San Francisco International Airport.

Alaska Air's guides teamed up with more than 200 Virgin America, Alaska Airlines and sister company Horizon Air on arrivals to discuss how the fifth-largest U.S. carrier will work. The two airlines are very popular, but have very different company identity, which was not forgotten by the staff on the particular charters flights.

"Virgin has the credentials of being young and brave and a little salty," said Lucy Lafayette, an accountant with Alaska Airlines, aboard the aircraft. "Even Alaska Airlines officers confirmed the impressive cooling element that Virgin America has so successfully cultivated.

As a result of the merger, an extended flight net will be created with almost 1,200 daily departures to 118 destination in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica and Cuba. Alaska Air initially intends to operate the Virgin America aircraft family under its present name and "without immediate changes to the on-board products or experience," the airline said in a declaration.

Commenting promisingly "the most customer-friendly fusion ever", with "much more to come in the next few weeks," Alaska Air said Wednesday: - Starting December 19, Virgin America ticket holders will be able to buy Virgin America ticket at Initially, Virgin America complimentary ticket will still be available in Virgin

  • Also, from December 19, Virgin America Elevate members and Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan members may be eligible to reciprocally reward each other on each other's routes and members of the Executive Board may also be eligible for prioritized check-in and prioritized boarding on each other's routes. - As of January 9, Alaska Airlines will ask members of Virgin America Elevate to open new (Alaska Airlines) Mileage Plan Account.
  • Beginning in 2017, the airline will introduce new services every day from its San Francisco hubs to Orlando (daily), Minneapolis/St. Paul (twice daily) and Orange County, California. Four days a week, with a ticket to buy on December 21. - In order to commemorate the airlines' almost 1,200 flight departures per day, the airline is giving away 1,200 return trips at

Officers said that clients should not be worried about loosing their points or points with both providers. "Alaska Air's CEO, Andrew Harrison, said to Today in the Sky, "We have no plans to lose any of our air travel award points. "Right now we have a great chance to bring a lot of new folks to the new company, so we are more than glad that folks keep their mileage and use it as needed.

"into the mileage plan programme. They' re not going to fall apart, they're going to become Alaska mileage. We' re not gonna let anyone lose those elevate points. "With regard to the management of the new intermodal operations, he will be headed by Alaska Air CEO Brad Tilden.

Alaska Air's Ben Minicucci, Alaska Air's COO, will serve as Virgin America Unit's COO. Mr. Peter Hunt, who was Virgin America's Senior VP and Principal Finance Officer, will become Chairman of Virgin America's affiliate. Alaska Air Group said it will be spending the next year working on Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) accreditation, which will allow the two airlines to act as a unified airline, and that Horizon Air, its sister company in the region, will stay alone with a special CA.

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