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Singhalese and Tamil New Year to you from SriLankan Airlines! Sri Lanka sightseeing with SriLankan Airlines Wellcome to Sri Lanka, the land of eternal summer. Explore your favourite vacation spot on the treasury isle of this natural world. Immerse yourself in your own tropic adventures by discovering the Sri Lankan beach. Surrounded by a gold coastline, the archipelago offers a wide range of exhilarating archipelago experiences including spotting whales, dolphins, scuba divers, surfers and snorkelers among the pulsating cliffs.

Head up the hills to explore Sri Lanka's Little England - home to the best Sri Lankan teas - and learn about the many settlements and plants in the hills of Sri Lanka. Explore the magnificent animal world of Sri Lanka with its elephant, stag, leopard, bird, and more and relive the travelling experiences of a lifetime as you set off on an adventure animal safari in the tropics.

Immerse yourself in the famous Sri Lanka story as you tour old towns and admire the remains of splendid Palaces, Tempel and Kingdom. Bring a hint of lank to your travelling tales by offering an infinite range of delicious meals throughout the Isle. Discover on your trip the best of Sri Lanka cooking with the most delicious sea fruits serving along the coast and the local Singhalese tradition that will make your day in the hills tempting.

Journey to the north, east and south towns of the peninsula to sample the best of Sri Lankan cuisine with an exhilarating touch of locality. Discover the most enchanting and uncharted places in Sri Lanka and make unique impressions as you journey to the best places in the land for an experience you will never forget.

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