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In order to book or track trips, use the Log On tab and create an account. Your taxis are clean and fresh smelling. Taxis are safer than Uber? A lot of large metropolitan areas do not have extensive passenger attack information - and even FBI-led backgrounds have restrictions. And another over-driver was apprehended for violent sex offenses.

This was one of the news items when a Boston lady told her that her rider had repeatedly "touched her indecently" last week, the Boston police said.

Last year alone, there were several high-profile accounts of riders assaulting passenger rides such as Uber. The United States has seen attacks in Boston, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Oklahoma, Los Angeles and Orlando. How perilous is Uber in comparison to a taxi or a limo? "There is no way to look for it," said Neva Coakley, a Boston police spokesperson.

" Meaning Boston doesn't keep tracking attacks by where they occur - in a taxi, in an over or at home - so there is no information to match reporting against over riders with taxi or limousine riders. We' ve asked law enforcement agencies in five major towns - Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C. - for information about attacks on taxi or over-vehicle passenger traffic.

When about is potentially insecure for passenger, what about taxi? "Gwendolyn Crump of the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C. said, "I have no way of looking this up when it comes to prosecuting violations in taxis," said Grace Gatpandan, a San Francisco Police Department official in the town where Uber has its headquarters.

The latest performance report is worrying. On top of the recently announced Boston raid, an off-duty rider is being identified in conjunction with a sex attack near Los Angeles early this month, the Los Angeles Times said. They insist that it meet the highest security standard and say that there has been a back office control procedure since April.

"In contrast to the taxi industy, our backgrounds and our standard are uniform throughout the United States and often stricter than what is needed to become a taxi driver," said Taylor Bennett, Uber-speaker. HireEase, a privately owned firm, has been commissioned to carry out backgrounds audits. "So while taxi operators verify the fingersprint data of a future chauffeur against a data base that in theory (more on this in one minute) contains the full previous convictions of a US individual, Uber backgrounds use a data base that can go back only seven years for some information.

At the end of last year, San Francisco prosecutor George Gascon described Uber's backgrounds as "completely worthless," the Los Angeles Times said. Several Uber and UberX riders in the Washington, D.C. area said Uber backgrounds were hardly strict. "Didn't really," said a Uber Negro motorist in Washington, D.C., who asked for anonymity for fear of retaliation.

"Look, the actual back office scan is getting fingerprints, and that lasts how many months? Genuine backgrounds aren't like that. Make a true background check, let the federal authorities approve you and verify everything. Somehow, Uber checked. It' sort of a back office scan. "Ubers verifications are at least strict enough that not everyone passes," Bennett said.

He said ten per cent of Boston taxi operators who took Uber's back office inspection were unsuccessful. Some Philadelphia UberX riders who pass the city's backdrop test fail because of Uber's, he said. Actually, no background checks are flawless. "When someone doesn't have alcohol at the wheel, but drinks every photo of him, and then this fellow gets into an accident, God forbid, that' the press would condemn him for hiring him," Fertik said.

" "In the past, when someone has denigrated a woman, you have to ask yourself: "How does this individual denigrate a woman? There is no way to have full confidence in a setting without a flawless background scanning. Perhaps what is more informative about the security of Uber compared to conventional taxis is what happens when an event occurs.

When an attack against a traveler is notified, Uber says that he immediately removed a driver's entry to the application while the inquiry is ongoing. Ueber also points out that once a rider is dropped, that rider can no longer retrieve a rider by accessing the application. Without the Uber application, the riders have no way of accessing the people.

"When there are cases of serious behaviour that does not comply with our own standard of excellence, it is imperative that we disable the driver and drivers," Bennett said. On the contrary, the firm has no figures on how many driver are suspending forever, unlike suspension and rehired, he said. Taxi operators and the committees that monitor fleet operations in Washington, D.C. and New York describe a similar trial for the suspension of attack suspects.

Driver in Washington will be dropped as soon as a complaint is made, said a spokesperson for the District of Columbia Taxicab Commission, the municipal authority that monitors the nearby taxi business. Issues about security are part of a much wider discussion about regulating what has become known as the shared economy. What is the role of the security world?

Unsurprisingly, the story that Uber fairground rides are naturally more hazardous than taxi transport is driven by those who are most at risk of Uber's failure. About to call it "success" - the enterprise is estimated at 40 billion dollars - seems to be a kind of exaggeration. √úber competes against the rest. Waters said to me there were 2 million fewer taxi trips in Washington, D.C., last year in comparison to last year - this is a 9 per cent decline in taxi sales in a year.

The taxi market fell by a staggering 65 per cent within two years of Uber showing up in San Francisco. This all means that the image that Uber has as a threat to its travellers is evolving against the background of a commercial battle that Uber seems to be quickly and skilfully gaining.

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