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Big Taxi You need a big cab for a simple point A to point bu shuttle? Our company has the right answer for you, we specialize in large taxi reservations in Singapore. Our large taxi can get to your destination within 15 minutes of your reservation being confirmed for actual and pressing reservations. We fully appreciate your reservations concern and our large taxi will call you as soon as they have reached your destination and you will only be charged at the end of the trip.

For our service no security deposit is necessary. Not only are our large taxi fares restricted in Singapore, we also offer a large taxi shuttle to Malaysiatoo. Always we keep in touch with our clients, we give them our driver number so that there will always be communications. If there is communications, you can be sure that our maximum cab arrives at your reservation.

EVERY one of our riders is qualified and state-approved. All our riders follow our motto "Driven To Serve" so that you can expect a high standard of customer care. A number of ways are available to validate your reservation with us; you can call (+65)92712942/Whatsapp/sms/telegram to talk to our kind staff and make your reservation.

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Maxi Taxi provides an accessible next door collection point and to arrange your next group or business trip to Sydney, all you need to do is call or book your accommodation now. Maxi Taxi shuttle is available for 1 to 11 persons and provides a seamless and convenient trip to your final destinations.

The price for Maxi cabins can change, but we always remain reasonable and our chauffeurs are always kind, cheerful, tidy und professionally. We aim to ensure your full enjoyment; we are available around the clock for group transfer in Southney. In order to make a maxi taxi reservation, please get in touch with us today for your transport needs.

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